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The Client Quotes

  • Reggie Love: I have been sober for three years.
    Mark Sway: Yeah, right, that's what all the drunks say, how they're gonna get sober and all. They even say that they love you but they don't. And then they come home wasted and beat on you and your mother so bad that you gotta hit 'em in the face with a baseball bat!
    Reggie Love: You're talkin' about your daddy, aren't you?
    Mark Sway: Yeah, well, I got rid of him. When me and my mom went into court to by our divorce our lawyer SUCKED as usual, so I went up there and told the judge myself about all the beatin's, about how he made us sleep in the street. And that's when my father became my ex-father, and now I got you, and you're a drunk and a bad lawyer too! So now I'm gettin' rid of you, you're fired, okay?

  • Roy Foltrigg: Lyin' lips are an abomination to the Lord, so sayeth the Psalms!
    Harry Roosevelt: That's Proverbs 12:22.

  • Mark Sway: Thanks, Rev. Roy, you've been a real pain in the ass.
    Roy Foltrigg: Thank you, son. I can assure you, you have been an even larger pain in the ass.

  • Lieutenant: Where are your parents?
    Mark Sway: Where are yours?
    Lieutenant: Are you even injured?
    Mark Sway: Do I look injured?
    Lieutenant: Well, we only do injuries.
    Mark Sway: Well, I'll just go hit by a truck and come back.

  • Clint Von Hooser: There goes my rent money. Now, where am I gonna stay.
    Reggie Love: You can stay here and take care of Momma Love. She likes you better than me, anyway.
    Clint Von Hooser: Well, that ain't hard to do.

  • Roy Foltrigg: What's the Cloak and Dagger all about, Reggie. You know you can trust us.
    Reggie Love: You three come here alone?.
    Reggie Love: You three come here alone?
    Roy Foltrigg: Nah uh!.
    Roy Foltrigg: Nah uh!
    Reggie Love: That's the truth.
    Roy Foltrigg: Of course it is.
    Reggie Love: Well, then, why don't you just have one of them.
    Reggie Love: Just trot out just one of those cars that aren't in the parkin' lot and get a pen and a paper from one of those agents that aren't out there.

  • Dianne Sway: All I've ever wanted as a white house with a walk-in closet.

  • Reggie Love: You've been lyin' to me. You got three to tell me the truth. One.... two.... three....
    Reggie Love: You've been lyin' to me. You got three to tell me the truth, One.... two.... three....

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