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Close Encounters of the Third Kind Quotes

  • Roy Neary: You can't fool us by agreeing with us.

  • Toby Neary: Dad, after this can we throw dirt in MY window?

  • Farmer: [at press conference to discuss UFOs] I saw Bigfoot once! [everyone in thr room reacts. The Farmer stands up] 1951! It made a sound that I would not want to hear twice in my life. [sits down]

  • Jillian Guiler: [on the police inquiring about her missing son] They asked me if I'd seen any strangers in the neighborhood.

  • David Laughlin: Who flies crates like these anymore?
    Project leader: No one. These planes were reported missing in 1945.

  • Project leader: He says the sun came out last night. He says it sang to him.

  • Air Traffic Controller: AirEast 31, do you wish to file a report of any kind to us?
    Air Traffic: [over radio] I wouldn't know what kind of report to file, Center.

  • Barry Guiler: You can come and play now.

  • Roy Neary: [contemplating the lump shape] This means something. This is important.

  • Brad Neary: I don't understand these fractions.
    Roy Neary: What's one third of sixty?
    Brad Neary: [bewildered] That's a fraction, I don't understand them.
    Roy Neary: [using a model train as an object lesson] Alright, let's say that this boxcar is sixty feet long, OK?, and one third of it is across this switch here, alright... And now another train is coming... Now, how far do you have to move this boxcar so that the other train doesn't smash it? Quickly Brad, there are thousands of lives at stake... Brad any answer... [CRASH]

  • Roy Neary: Who are you people?

  • Roy Neary: I guess you've noticed something a little strange with Dad. It's okay, though. I'm still Dad.
    Roy Neary: I guess you've noticed something a little strange with Dad. It's okay though. I'm still Dad.

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