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January 11, 2015
How to describe this film? A Mongolian goes into town to buy johnnies.
½ January 16, 2011
A charming and thought provoking film
April 6, 2010
Ã? couper le souffle!
½ February 24, 2010
I didn't understand a lot from this film. this 3.5 stars is dedicated to perfect cinematography and vast fields of Mongolia. the characters where lovable. as much as I figured out, the story was perfect too. a good one if you're looking for intellectual movies.
Super Reviewer
February 16, 2010
nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes and oscars
August 24, 2009
Bayertu in Gombas' hallucination ' what is this iron shit you riding ' ha
½ August 4, 2009
If you ever wanted to visit the steppes of Mongolia but were afraid to ask, this film will take you there. The gorgeous landscapes almost pale in comparison to the beauty of the sheperding family of four, plus grandma, who live in a tent there. Imagine watching a five year old kid help his dad gut a lamb for dinner and finding it moving and gentle rather than creepy and gross. I would have been happier if the film had remained a simple portrait of the family rather than involving a story about the onslaught of civilization. But that story *is* part and parcel of that family's portrait today. Some drunken Russian road builder dude brings some harsh to their mellow, and the film drifts out of focus a bit ... but I guess that's the point. The final shot sees a smokestack instead of an urga rising from the horizon.
December 31, 2008
Yes, this is a great movie. The lack of dialogue makes it easy to deal with despite no English, everything about it is totally well-made... apart maybe from some of the ending, which was merely ok.

A lovely film to watch on a date, assuming you and your partner have similar tastes. Some totally excellent jokes, beautiful people. Like Local Hero for scots, this is about the old ways in the modern world, and the unchanging nature of men and women. 4.75 stars - 5 for benefit of doubt.

I can't deny some "look away now" moments for queasy animal lovers...
I am rewatching this (thanks O) and even though I can't understand a word of dialogue on this DVD, it's spectacular. A perfect film to watch while preparing a meal for hogmanay.
October 15, 2008
This movie is in three languages, Chinese (i think Mandarin but not sure), Russian, and primarily Mongolian. It shows the hazards of having to travel the maximum distance in one day and the result - going to sleep at the wheel by the Russian. It shows the hardships of the life of the Mongolians and life in a pub in town. It showed how the Mongols celebrate their history at the end. i enjoyed watching this movie and love to see it again and again - that is why i gave it a rating of 100%. i enjoyed the music and singing.
Eva B.
October 14, 2008
well done, and far from hollywood
September 19, 2008
Pure ethnography. Minimalistic, but meaningful. Open ended and open to many interpretations. I watched it more than a decade ago but can still recall the tune of the "Green Hills of Manchuria" hummed by the Russian.
September 1, 2008
stunning, beautiful, great, great cinematography plus a heart-warming story with great characters
½ August 5, 2008
A minimalistic piece with a folksy flavor that rises above thanks to great acting and directing. There are multiple interwoven story lines, but I have always described this piece as being "about the integration and disintegration of cultures." I gotta agree with Megan M: the little girl totally rocking the accordian is one of the most memorable scenes.
July 28, 2008
...watched it a long time ago:
Ein russischer LKW-Fahrer sitzt mitten in der Mongolei fest - eine Normadenfamilie nimmt ihn auf ... allein die akkordeonspielende Tochter ist ein Highlight.
1A+ !!!
July 13, 2008
Urga does not mean "Close to Eden" it has to do with courtship on horseback... Russian truck driver meets nomadic family in 1990's... daughter playing accordian worth it alone
½ July 13, 2008
These are actually two movies in one if I'm concerned. The first half is very good, narative and interesting, beautiful. The second part is all that except that it makes no sense. Actually it makes a very blunt sense of the cultural gap, but that is so obvious that it made me almost uncomfortable to sit and watch the last 45 minutes trying to explain the differences in old and modern Mongolia in every possible twisted "Nikita Mikhalkov" way.

Having said that, the movie is by no means bad. It is relaxing and pleasing to watch it even if it deverges towards the end. It has great acting, great music, cinematography, beautiful landscapes, great emotion expression and subtle yet fantastic character development.
½ July 10, 2008
Les Mongols appellent "urga" cette longue perche que les cavaliers utilisent pour rassembler leurs troupeaux. Quand on apercoit cette perche plantee das la steppe, il convient de passer son chemin : un couple est en train de faire l'amour. Le titre du film de Nikita Mikhalkov contient donc deux idees : la tradition et l'amour (a l'echelon international, le film se nomme "Territory of Love"). Dans la partie mongole de la Chine vit le paysan Gombo et sa famille. Il souhaite la naissance d'un quatrieme enfant ce que la loi chinoise de controle des naissances interdit fortement. L'arrivee de Serguei, un routier russe tombe' en panne dans la steppe, sert de pretexte pour nous intoduire dans le quotidien de cette famille, o'u la realite la plus crue (l'agneau tue' et depece' sous nos yeux) cotoit un lyrisme de bon aloi. L'ame russe du cineaste se fait sentir lorsqu'il filme sans pareil ces grandes etendues herbeuses, accompagnees par la flute celeste d'Eduard Artemiev. Par contraste, la ville parait bondee et inhospitaliere. Une scene amusante dans la pharmacie et d'une envolee dans un manege parachevent l'affection que l'on porte pour Gombo. Et comme lui, on assiste aux considerations socio-politiques formulees par un Serguei emeche' (dans lesquelles se trouvent celles du cineaste). Le film refuse -- et c'est sa force -- de sombrer dans le pessimisme et nuance dans un final poetique le terrible constat de la dilution des traditions par une note d'espoir. Les societes peuvent evoluer, les traditions peuvent se perdre, les hommes peuvent lutter ou se resinier, certaines choses ne changeront pas, l'amour le premier. Naif, dirons-nous ? Bien sur, mais avouons aussi qu'on aime y croire.
June 19, 2008
A very simple story in a fantastic film. This is a very warm and beautiful film about life, love and the nature as it is. Dont miss it !
April 29, 2008
A film for the heart, the humour, the ears, the eyes and the mind to think about this incredible whirl of life!...just get your 5 senses touched!!! I, since I saw it, was looking to forward to seeing the URGA, I think I found it and Badema has been in my ears all the way!
½ April 5, 2008
This is such a wonderfully made film- great cinematography, subtly beautiful sotry line, cultural perspective and wit- very unique and beautiful
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