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½ November 12, 2017
It's a good thing the Clown Murders (which should have been called 'The Clown Kidnapping') isn't more known than it is . . . absolutely terrible flick, if you are looking for a 'clown slasher', please, do yourself a favor and watch something else.
½ April 15, 2015
Four friends dress up as clowns and kidnap a rival country clubber's wife on Halloween as a joke. When things spiral out of control they discover that kidnap and murder are no laughing matter. Most notable for a pre-SCTV John Candy.
March 21, 2013
Caught this on the great channel 50 many years ago and it sucks. I was somewhat afraid of clowns and this failed to even raise a chill. But hey there's John Candy.
½ December 21, 2012
Crap crap crap don't even bother with it.
½ October 27, 2012
This Canadian film is not all fun and games when a group of friends dress up as clowns on Halloween and kidnap an associate's wife as a joke before circumstances turn deadly serious. Pre-SCTV John Candy in a non-comedic role.
½ March 30, 2011
Don't read the synopsis of this movie and look at the cover because it's definitely misleading..although it's more like a flat-out lie.
½ April 25, 2010
I'm giving this one a passing grade, due to the fact that it was practically cut in half by the MPAA. HALF THE #%! movie was missing!!! It had a good premise and the acting for that time period was decent.
½ December 7, 2009
Not really sure what to make of this film, was not really a horror film yet I did half way enjoy it. You keep watching it to see what happens because it really never makes any sense, there are a couple of good creepy scenes near the end which were well done and John Candy did an admirable job in an early role that is totally different then what we are used to seeing him in. All in all its still kind of trash though, I would not really recommend it other then if you just a huge Candy fan and wanted to see him play a role thats different for him.
½ October 17, 2009
This Canadian film is not all fun and games when a group of friends dress up as clowns on Halloween and kidnap an associate's wife as a joke before circumstances turn deadly serious. Pre-SCTV John Candy in a non-comedic role.
½ September 11, 2009
DO NOT LET THE SYNOPSIS OR MOVIE COVERS OF THIS FILM FOOL YOU!! Here is what The Clown Murders is about: A group of friends (including John Candy in a very early role) welcome home a fourth friend who finds the love of his life married to another man. He talks the group into concocting a "joke" involving the kidnapping of the girl so the husband can close a big-money deal on Halloween night. The friends dress up as clowns and kidnap the girl, so the husband goes to the police, thus escalating the situation long beyond a joke. Instead of calling everything off, the friends take the situation in a worse direction for clearly unknown reasons (causing lots of confusion from the viewers perspective). Things get worse and the friends start losing it in weird bizarre ways until a masked assailant comes into the picture in the last 9 minutes (!!!) left in the film, poses as the friend whose gone the most insane, kills someone, causes that person to get killed, and then disappears, resulting in an ending that's just as confusing for us as it is for the police who finally arrive on the scene. Not a horror film at all, just a boring, boring, VERY boring film that focuses on a large group of unlikable characters who do dumb stuff to make things worse, which is a concept that's done WAY better by the Cohen Brothers. While the film manages to incite a couple of mildly spooky moments within the last half hour, those nuggets of desperately needed film gold are very few and far between this overlong and stupid film. Very misleading and un-entertaining movie. I wouldn't even recommend this to John Candy fans, though it is interesting to see him in his only (I hope) sex scene ever.
July 5, 2009
nothing I could recommend, nothing special about it, just a coincidence of murders, though the psychological factors are performed to some enjoyable degree
March 6, 2008
Oh man this is great.
February 28, 2008
Decent low budget Canadian genre film shot just outside Toronto in 1975. John Candy plays it straight in one of his earliest roles.
Highly recommended for those who are interested in the history of Canadian horror films, otherwise the low budget and slow pacing will not interest casual viewers.

I actually kind of enjoyed this minor contribution to the early Canadian horror.
I remembered reading a brief description of the movie in Caelum Vatnsdal's book "They Came From Within" and having just discovered it was available on DVD I quickly snatched it up.
The first half of the movie is pretty boring, but I found the characters to be slightly interesting and their banter to be amusing. The fat jokes grow old real quick, and there are no memorable kill scenes, but the amateur homemade feel of the film was appealing. I was of course not expecting much and that always helps.

Regarding the DVD, the video transfer is of sub-par quality, with a very muddy audio mix. I was pleasantly surprised to find the DVD is widescreen despite the 1.33:1 spec listed on the box. As for the cover art, it is horribly lame and misleading especially since the movie features neither a cemetery or a machete!!
January 14, 2008
"Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, I never knew John Candy made a movie like this."
September 6, 2007
It's very strange seeing John Candy in a movie like this. It comes across as a horror movie, but ends up being more of a psychological thriller (albeit not a very good one). In fact, the clown "murders" don't even take place until the last ten minutes - at least they were fairly well done. Otherwise, this is mostly a waste of time.
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