Cobb Reviews

May 6, 2014
To watch Tommy Lee Jones re-create the persona of the Hall of Famer in Cobb is to encounter the greatest SOB ever to come down the pike -- in or out of the domain of sports. The trek is hardly entertaining.
May 6, 2014
While the story of Cobb himself is a worthy one (Shelton's treatment, believe it or not, even has its similarities to Orson Welles' Citizen Kane), Shelton shortchanges the very game that made the man famous.
May 6, 2014
Unfortunately, the movie just makes Stump look like a self-important jerk, possibly a bigger jerk than Cobb, and Wuhl's affable, weightless performance doesn't help.
March 19, 2013
Cobb's accomplishments on the ball field would make for an absorbing documentary, but it's the passions and pitfalls of his private life that dominate Ron Shelton's melodramatic film.
March 19, 2013
The result, whether Cobb is wailing about greatness or ruminating about the dark circumstances around his father's death, is a performance too operatic and out of control.
August 5, 2008
Tommy Lee Jones is superb in the title role, but writer-director Ron Shelton unwisely chose to structure the film as a two-character piece, thus placing undue attention on the lackluster character of Cobb's biographer, Al Stump.
August 5, 2008
It's unclear just how much sympathy we are to extend the unrepentant and bullying title character.
October 8, 2004
March 18, 2004
July 11, 2003
Despite Jones' performance, it's a disappointing biopic
May 20, 2003
Even allowing for the intentional excesses of such an episode, delicacy is a casualty here.
December 8, 2002
This movie is two hours of Jones acting badly and Wuhl looking drawn.
August 30, 2002
June 18, 2002
This histrionic portrait of the most celebrated cur in sports history comes across like a fly ball that thuds on the ground.
January 1, 2000
It's the kind of film where you admire the craftsmanship and artistry while questioning the wisdom of the project itself.
January 1, 2000
It's not enough, and you end up feeling -- despite Jones' dead-on performance -- like you've been cheated. It looks good. It feels right. It gets the job done.... But there's nothing there. Just like Cobb. Maybe that's the point.
December 2, 1994
Cobb turns into a noisy, cantankerous buddy picture.