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February 7, 2019
Cobra is the dumbest, most indulgent possible iteration of the "America has become a cesspool of crime" subgenre popularized by Death Wish and executed with an actual brain by RoboCop.
February 5, 2019
Sly's attempts at humor land with the force of an anvil, although there are enough unintentional guffaws to make up for it.
February 5, 2019
Still offers some fun, but it's a touch dated.
January 3, 2018
The movie is such a textbook example of an exploitation cop movie that you can outline it like a schoolboy for easy reference...
April 7, 2017
It's goofy action fun and it gets better every single time I watch it.
September 5, 2011
Dated and unintentionally laughable, Cobra will always be best known for the catchphrase "You're a disease and I'm the cure." Ironically, any audience foolhardy enough to brave this ugly movie is liable to stagger out feeling mighty sick. [Blu-ray]
August 13, 2011 exciting, blisteringly-paced actioner that benefits substantially from Sylvester Stallone's engrossing work as the title character.
May 6, 2008
Every aspect of this film is reprehensible. Stallone's character is an empty hulk; the few attempts to provide us with little insights into his character are downright laughable.
May 6, 2008
Cobra is a sleek, extremely violent and exciting police thriller.
May 6, 2008
It's fast-paced and full of gaudy action, yet it's thoroughly unsatisfying, largely because it's so lazy.
May 25, 2007
Sub-par Stallone shoot-em-up.
Top Critic
February 9, 2006
The body count is only somewhere in the high eighties -- and most of these are simply gunned down with a deplorable lack of invention.
July 4, 2005
March 18, 2005
Camp for adults. This is before Nielson got all puffy and drunkish too!
January 18, 2004
August 19, 2003
An adequate no-brainer that does little to distinguish itself from the rest of Sly's action man back catalogue.
May 21, 2003
The film trades on the same technique used by books that attack pornography by printing examples of the dirty pictures. Cobra pretends to be against the wanton violence of a disintegrating society, but it's really the apotheosis of that violence.
May 13, 2003
I'll take 'Ludicrous Stallone Action Flicks From the Late 80s' for $500, Alex.
February 28, 2003
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