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April 24, 2005
here are some sxsw movies im still waiting to see in the database:

pucker up* (7/10)
kissing on the mouth* (7/10)
fall to grace (7/10)
the comedians of comedy* (7/10)
highway courtesans* (7/10)
you're gonna miss me (7/10)
the thing about my folks (7/10)
drop dead sexy (4/10)

wow, I gave them all almost the same rating. weird. they were all good, not great, i guess, except for "drop dead sexy", which starred crispin glover and jason lee, and pretty much sucked from start to finish.

* - this movie is in the database now.

anyway, the three movies I regret missing most:

mutual appriciation
the dreams of sparrows
be here to love me: a film about townes van zandt

but maybe they'll get distro and I'll be able to see them.
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