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January 26, 2014
Code of the West is a pretty insightful little documentary about what goes on in the background of marijuana law reforms. This one follows Montana as a group tries to repeal the medical marijuana law that the people voted for. Code of the West does a good job looking at both sides of the issue and remaining unbiased even when it seems like that would be hard to do. The head spokeswoman for the group that is trying to repeal the law is truly as ignorant as they come.

This is a great film for anyone who is really into the topic. For anyone whose not it will probably be very boring. It's dry for the most part and really is just an informative documentary and is not one who looks to entertain anyone who is outside of the target audience. For me, someone who is very into the marijuana topic in any form, I really enjoyed this one. I do wish it was slightly longer though.
March 29, 2013
I thought Colorado repealed its marijuana law first. When did this movie get made???
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