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½ December 15, 2013
I simply LOVE this Christmas special! Colbert combines old time (see 1970s) TV variety show Christmas specials with our post modern era including getting extremist right wing singer Tobey Keith to sing "Whats so Funny about Peace, Love and Understanding". I eagerly look forward to watching it every yeaerestanding". I eagirly look forword to watching it every year.
October 12, 2013

I love the Colbert Report; I love the satire, the character, and this special. This special is a combination of self parodying and funny guest stars (including Willie Nelson, Jon Stewart and Santa). The best thing about this special is the songs. The music videos are hilarious (from the Willie Nelson song to a great cover of What so funny about peace love and understanding).
½ December 14, 2012
The best christmas music. Period.
½ August 3, 2012
Funny old timey-style Christmas special.
February 11, 2010
I really enjoy the Colbert Report, but this Christmas special was just a waste of time.
December 25, 2009
I do enjoy watching Steven Colbert. However, this film was rather painful to watch. Even seeing it for free on Comedy central didn't really make this worth watching. It seemed like an excuse for a bunch of Celebrities to get together to show themselves off in front of a camera. I pity the person who invested in the DVD. :)
December 22, 2009
Great songs with pretty random humour. Never really seen much of Colbert's stuff prior to watching this, but I think this has made me want to watch more.
December 22, 2009
Not very funny, laughter is forced, songs are lame. If you are fan of Colbert's show, you might like it.
December 14, 2008
I saw a Colbert's Christmas the Greatest Gift of All and it wasnot that bad to belong on this website and get a ROTTEN TOMATO! Stephen is far from a SCOOGE! But a giving man and a nice guy, he doesnot deserve this I give him credit for doing the special. If I misspelled anything sorry.:p :mad:
December 11, 2008
[FONT=Times New Roman]
this movie happens to be the greatest ever. it is as American as watching the Colbert report every day! you become 50% more patriotic just by watching it.

Stephen Colbert = win
December 10, 2008
Truly the greatest gift of all.
December 10, 2008
A campy brilliance that only Stephen Colbert can successfully pull off!
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