Cold Fish Reviews

August 4, 2011
A deliciously warped wallow in misogyny, depravity and dead-eyed manipulation, "Cold Fish" charts the twisted alliance of two tropical-fish salesmen with baleful glee.
August 2, 2011
Cold Fish is wild, head-turning, stomach-churning stuff, and it makes a bracing addition to the overstuffed canon of serial-killer cinema.
April 10, 2011
Overlong, drenched in blood and rather like attending a school for apprentice butchers.
April 8, 2011
Sono orchestrates his tale with a skill that allows irony to match the horror and realism to dampen down the melodrama. Altogether, it's quite a feat.
April 7, 2011
The grisly, absurd violence of the final hour puts a wrecking ball through whatever interest this film might have accumulated.