Cold Skin Reviews

April 11, 2020
Cold Skin is a beautiful dark film that feels like it unfortunately is missing something story-wise for it all to be absolutely fascinating. The acting and practical effects show great talent ...
April 2, 2019
Cold Skin is a diluted adaptation of Sánchez Piñol's tragic novel with a timid lovecraftian conception. [Full review in Spanish]
September 10, 2018
'Cold Skin' is not for faint of heart. But it's pure cinematic art.
September 10, 2018
Handsomely shot and clever in isolated beats, Cold Skin is the rare monster movie that leads with its ideology, even if it eventually tips its hand prematurely.
September 6, 2018
Somehow [Gens] turns the vacation destination of Lanzarote into the ends of the Earth, and you'll feel that chill on your soul.
September 4, 2018
The film is valuable because it's enigmatic and I think it's feasible to recommend it. [Full review in Spanish]
August 23, 2018
With a Lovecraftian slant, Cold Skin is a must-watch for fans of Xavier Gens films. This is yet another bleak film where the horror comes, not from the 'monsters', but from man himself.
July 26, 2018
The actors... invest their roles with conviction and craft, even if the story ultimately doesn't quite reward such seriousness of approach.
July 15, 2018
Chilly, restrained horror drama has a few surprises amid its familiar tropes.
May 31, 2018
"Cold Skin" has similarities to "Shape of Water," and the two films would make a neat double feature one day, highlighting a loopy film year where two directors really wanted to explore the highs and lows of humans having relationships with fishpeople.
March 9, 2018
Think of it as the darker flip(per)side to The Shape Of Water.
March 7, 2018
Cold Skin is a true genre masterpiece.
October 14, 2017
A surprise. [Full review in Spanish]