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Colombiana Quotes

  • Danny Delanay: How was your trip?
    Cataleya: Hot.

  • Cat - Age 10: I want to be a killer. Can you help me?
    Emilio Restrepo: Sure.

  • Cataleya: Eat
    Cataleya: Eat.

  • Emilio Restrepo: You want me to teach you how to be a killer? No problem. I teach you. But you'll be dead in five years.If you want to be a killer and survive, you got to be a smart one. Have to know things besides how to pull a trigger. You have to know how people think. You got to learn how to be psychological. I cannot teach you that unless you learn the basics at a school. You got that? Hm? Come on, what's it going to be? Cataleya, you choose.

  • Cataleya: You are exactly where I want you to be.
    Cataleya: I want you exactly where you are.

  • Cataleya: i want to be a killer, will you help me?
    Cataleya: I want to be a killer. Will you help me?

  • Cataleya: I was nine, and my parents were killed... in front of me.

  • Cataleya: I'm doin' this my way.

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