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½ August 17, 2016
An impressive title for a thriller, and, well, that's it!

Well, I neither read the book, nor saw the old film. But I find this theme is very interesting and at the end of the watch I kind of disappointed. Of course it is a low budget film, which involves little kids in a bad light, but that does not mean they should completely censor the violence. I'm disappointed with those serious avoidance which very essential for a film like this. I agree the children performing such act should not be shown, but the theme was promised something and delivered nothing. On that perspective anyone would be frustrated if they came here to see a good thriller.

So you can call it a horror-thriller for the families, that's how it looks. It is the story of an American couple with the seven months pregnant visits a tourist island destination in Mexico and soon finds the town is deserted. While looking for other souls, they are targeted by those who were the reason for the scenario of the island. Then begins the run and chasing game, and how it all ends revealed with a tiny twist.

As I feared the film failed to impress me, but there might be a few who would enjoy it better than me. So all I'm saying is just skip it if you're seeking 'Hatchet' kind of film, this is no way near to that. For a 30-35 years ago film, it might have worked better, but this is an outdated story to take place in the present world. The theme was fantastic, but I just wanted a different story and upgraded with the new stuffs. Though I must appreciate the director who has done multiple task for this film to happen. Finally, I want to clear that it is not a bad film of the year or decade or ever, but just too soft for its genre, that's all.

½ October 23, 2015
this movie is very disturbing and not in a good horror/scary way...we watched it for you so you'll never have to watch're welcome.
½ April 10, 2015
This is the only movie I have taken my time to review, so please head my words, skip this movie, star at a blank screen for an hour, and you'll get the jist of the movie. I think anyone that studies film should watch this to see how not to make a movie. This movie is the worst, like it deserves an award for how bad it is. No redeeming qualities, worst movie I have ever watched.
October 27, 2014
Interesting concept and it looks decent enough, plus the kids did come off as super creepy. It does kinda leave it on a cliffhanger though as to what was actually going on.
March 1, 2014
This is a total ripoff of Children of the Corn :(
February 7, 2014
Updated version of WHO CAN KILL A CHILD. Not that the original need to be remade. In the end, the director goes there.
½ January 24, 2014
Slightly creepy, fair at best. I don't care how many little kids there are with rocks and sticks and even a few knives, if they attack me and are trying to kill me, I won't be running away like a big douche. This film frustrated the hell out of me. Oh no, big moral dilemma, do I fight back against the kids that killed an entire town and are hell bent on devouring me? It would take 20 eight year olds to bring me down, and that's if I wasn't fighting back. No, no, I think I'll run away like a little bitch and hide instead! Sigh. And now your baby just ate your wife from the inside. Hahaha. It wasn't all bad though, a wee bit of gore and cannibalism and maybe a few seconds of mild suspense here and there make it slightly better than utterly pointless.
January 1, 2014
Beth y Francis son. una pareja que espera su tercer hijo están de vacaciones en una islita de un lugar desconocido y se disponen a llevársela tranquila en el séptimo mes de su embarazo.

Sin embargo para su desgracia estan por vivir un escenario que será familiar a todos los que ya vimos Children of the Corn Donde una epidemia maligna de origen desconocido convierte a todos los Pubertos de la isla En psicópatas asesinos.

Esta película es un remake de una película de 1976 con el mismo tema, Donde el director Makinov que debido a las entrevistas que da es considerado mas megalomaniaco que lo que un director de cine normalmente es ya que se presente en las entrevistas con una máscara roja, Utiliza muchos elementos de las anteriores peliculas de terror pero de una manera muy poco Elegante e inclusive se pudiera decir burda

La pareja de protagonistas llevan con cierto aplomo los extraños requerimientos de estar viviendo una situación tan fuera de lo común y que transmiten un poco de sentimiento, sin embargo la dirección que escogio el director darle al resto del elenco en su mayoría son niños menores de 14 años te saca completamente de la trama de la película por ser tan acartonada ya que hemos visto zombies razonablemente convincentes en otras peliculas.

El final que será familiar a cualquiera que conozca el clásico de zombies de Romero " La noche de los muertos vivientes". No te deja muchas opciones que decir prefiero estar haciendo otra cosa
½ December 27, 2013
Check out the ridiculous final 5 minutes of the film. Skip the rest.
½ December 7, 2013
El final lo echa todo por tierra
November 10, 2013
Come Out and Play (Makinov, 2012)

I first heard about the Spanish exploitation/horror flick Who Can Kill a Child? When Eli Roth touted it in a Five Films segment on the late (and much-lamented, at least at Goat Central) Rotten Tomatoes Show. At the time-this was probably five years ago now as I write this in November 2013-it was pretty much impossible to find in the United States Fast-forward to 2013 and I still haven't managed to catch the original. Unfortunately, I was unaware that Come Out and Play, directed by one Makinov (rumor has it this is Mexican director Gerardo Naranjo under a pseudonym, but I have not seen firm confirmation of that yet), was a shot-by-shot remake of Who Can Kill a Child? until I was about ten minutes into it. By that time I figured I would give it a shot, no pun intended. While I watched, I half-perused the vitriol unleashed at the movie on the IMDB message boards. I didn't hate it nearly as much as a lot of people did, it would seem. But then, I repeat, I haven't seen the original. For all I know they are completely justified, and let's face it, how often are shot-by-shot remakes successful? (Let's put aside the woeful remakes that would have been infinitely better had their directors opted for that approach.)

Plot: the members of The Offspring... no, I kid (though I have had that song going through my head for hours now). A young married couple, Francis (The Lake House's Ebon Miss-Bachrach) and Beth (Vinessa Shaw from the The Hills Have Eyes remake), are taking one last vacation before they become parents, looking to get away from it all on a secluded island. When they get there, they notice a few kids fishing on the pier, but don't see any adults. They think nothing of it and head for their hotel, which is, again, oddly deserted. Eventually they realize there's a pattern here.

My favorite thing about the movie, by far, was Makinov's attempts to get that seventies vibe going. There's a scene where a character is trapped in a radio hut with frosted windows, and you see hands banging the windows over and over again. That's nice stuff, right there, and for the most part there was no attempt to go young-and-beautiful with this cast (that would have actually not made a great deal of sense-after all, if your "adults" are only a few years older than your kids...). That, too, contributes to the seventies atmosphere. On the other hand, and this may seem contradictory, one of the few reasons one would consider watching a remake instead of just going back and watching the original is seeing how a director will take advantage of the updated technology available thirty-five years later to come up with gorier special effects. And yes, I'm the first to admit I'd probably be yelling at him for destroying the atmosphere if he actually had, but I end up asking the usual question: why did this movie need to get made in the first place?

It's rather pretty, save some ridiculous, overdone scenes (wait till you see the hilarious opening shot of the end credits), and the acting is at least competent, but there's nothing here that would set this apart from about three hundred other horror films currently on Netflix Instant that either never made it to theaters in your area or never made it into theaters at all, and they all have the advantage of not being remakes. This is one of those "if you're drunk and have nothing better to do on a Friday night..." selections. **
November 4, 2013
Pretty much along the lines of Children of the Corn.
October 20, 2013
Pretty bad. Had an interesting idea (which the movie doesn't try to make sense of which is stupid) and there were 2 moments that were genuinely good but everything else about it is just dull and pointless. Cliche as hell is the best way to describe Come Out and Play.
½ October 14, 2013
More than 50 years after the first Village of the damned - a cult - and almost 20 years after Carpenter's remake - also quite good - director Makinov moves the action on a mexican island where a pregnant woman and her husband arrive for a vacation... the trouble is that the story has too many holes: when they get on the island almost all the grown-ups are already dead, but they walk around in a silent and empty village without even one spot of blood.... the children are feral as we discover later, but they don't attack them at all for the first half of the movie.... and these are just two examples... it could have been much better.
October 13, 2013
terrifically disturbing. don't watch if pregnant or sensitive about kids/babies etc
½ October 8, 2013
Valido remake dello spietato "Ma come si può uccidere un bambino?" del 1976, Come out and play è un thriller ben fatto e angosciante.
Tuttavia, a rendere ancora più misteriosa questa pellicola è la figura di un certo Makinov, pseudonimo di un individuo mascherato che, oltre ad esserne il regista, ne scrive la sceneggiatura, lo produce e si occupa di fotografia, montaggio e musiche. Questo personaggio incappucciato, non è mai apparso pubblicamente e si dice che non abbia mai mostrato il volto neanche al cast durante le riprese.
Makinov è sicuramente riuscito a far parlare di sé e inevitabilmente anche del suo film, grazie all'aura di mistero che lo ha circondato e anche grazie a una serie di inquietanti manifesti proiettati al Toronto Film Festival.
Questo è stato il suo primo e ancora unico film e non è ancora chiaro se sia un genio, un folle criminale oppure se sia soltanto una trovata commerciale, ma sicuramente è un personaggio da tenere d'occhio.

Ma passiamo alla trama: una giovane coppia decide di trascorrere qualche giorno di vacanza in una piccola e tranquilla isola messicana. Al loro arrivo, i due sono accolti da un gruppo di bambini e da un silenzio irreale. Hotel, bar e case sono inspiegabilmente deserti e ben presto capiscono che gli (apparentemente) innocui ragazzini sono gli unici abitanti dell'isola e che gli adulti sono stati selvaggiamente uccisi dai loro stessi figli.

La tensione è ben dosata e riesce anche a suscitare qualche brivido grazie ai vasti spazi deserti alternati a lunghi e stretti corridoi. La colonna sonora è assolutamente adeguata e, insieme all'ottima regia, rende la pellicola ancora più angosciante.
Le scene violente non vengono quasi mai mostrate direttamente, ma non per questo appaiono mano brutali, visto che a compierle sono prevalentemente degli innocenti (ma inquietanti) bambini.
Una fotografia dai colori caldi e le immagini chiare e nitide fanno apparire le azioni a cui assistiamo ancora più sconcertanti.
Purtroppo l'eccessiva semplicità della sceneggiatura, soprattutto nella parte centrale, e la troppo breve durata, sicuramente ridimensionano un film che, anche se godibile, avrebbe potuto ottenere maggior successo.
Il finale spietato, però, riscatta molte delle precedenti lacune: inquietante alla S.King e disarmante alla Romero.

Simile a: Children of the Corn (2009), The Children (2008)
September 29, 2013
Although not quite so, this movie sets itself up to be a zombie movie. Like most zombie or horror movies in general we are faced with the victims making all of the dumbest possible choices, the first being the feeling that they need to investigate a situation that is so off the realm of normal rather than getting the hell out of dodge. Another being the impulse to put yourself as deep into a building as possible so that escape is utterly impossible. But lets put those aside because without it we would not have the horror or slasher film genre, and I don't wish to imply I don't like them. This movie is similar to zombie movies such as "Dawn of the Dead" (2004) or Quarantine (2008) where the victims are confined to a certain location. In this film, a man and his pregnant wife find themselves on a remote Mexican island, where they planned to vacation. Why a seven month pregnant woman would vacation to such a place also takes away from the credibility a bit for me, but then again I guess there are some who would do that. On this island they are confronted with their monsters. The twist is that in this movie the evil demons are a bunch of children--children whose favorite pass-time is to clobber adults to death and use their limbs and digits as ornamental jewelery. This twist is what added to the movie as fighting off the enemy when the enemy is a child is morally conflicting. I will not spoil the ending, but I'd say it had a touch of irony that added just enough to make me like this move. I understand this movie is a remake of the 1978 film "Who Can Kill a Child." I'll have to watch that one too simply because I'm a completionist, although I hear the two are virtually identical.
September 22, 2013
If I could give this movie less than a half star, I would. The annoying incidental music and the re-affirmed stupidity of the adults, portrayed in the film as helpless heaps of idiocy makes the film an unbearable comedy of massive proportions. The children in it couldn't be uglier, or worse actors if they had actually came from a deserted island away from television and civilization.

The music rises, loud and clear,
boisterous and scary, to show the pregnant woman still sitting alone, taking pictures of a wall. Where's the excitement when the music doesn't indicate a thing? Whoever edited the sound for this film, never watched Jaws.

Makinov should never sit in the director's chair again, I can't predict the demise of a film, but this is the movie that predicts the demise of a director.
½ September 13, 2013
what a sad little lonely piece of crapload!
½ September 8, 2013
Es una cinta plana, la cual no ofrece nada nuevo (a pesar de su "interesante" idea), las actuaciones son muy regulares, los personajes no logran conectar con uno, el desarrollo de la historia se siente acartonado. Come Out and Play sólo sirve para resolver tus problemas de insomnio y ya.
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