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One of the few American films to deal with the tragic story of the internment of Asian-Americans during World War II, Come See the Paradise opens in the late 1930s, as Jack McGurn (Dennis Quaid) is working as a union organizer in New York City. Jack finds himself on the wrong side of the law after he gets involved in an ill-advised bombing of a scab shop, and he flees to Los Angeles, where Hiroshi Kawamura (Sab Shimono) gives him a job as a projectionist in L.A.'s Little Tokyo. Jack soon meets Hiroshi's beautiful daughter Lily (Tamlyn Tomita) and it's love at first sight. Jack and Lily decide to get married, but Hiroshi opposes the match and California law prevents mixed-race couples from obtaining a marriage license. Jack and Lily move to Seattle, where they are wed and soon have a daughter. Jack, however, begins working with the union again, which puts a strain on their marriage; Lily takes their child and returns to Los Angeles. But before long the United States enters World War II, and the Kawamura family is sent (along with all other Americans of Japanese descent living in California) to an internment camp, as it is believed they will become traitors against America if left to their own devices. Jack, ironically, is drafted into the Army and soon goes AWOL to return to California, where he tries to find his wife in the camps. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Dennis Quaid
as Jack McGurn
Tamlyn Tomita
as Lily Kawamura
Sab Shimono
as Hiroshi Kawamura
Shizuko Hoshi
as Mrs. Kawamura
Stan Egi
as Charlie Kawamura
Ronald Yamamoto
as Harry Kawamura
Akemi Nishino
as Dulcie Kawamura
Naomi Nakano
as Joyce Kawamura
Brady Tsurutani
as Frankie Kawamura
Shyree Mezick
as Middle Mini
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Augie Farrell
Colm Meaney
as Gerry McGurn
Becky Ann Baker
as Marge McGurn
Takumaro Ikeguchi
as Mr. Fujioka
Danny Kamekona
as Mr. Nishikawa
Yoshimi Imai
as Mr. Yamanaka
Lenny Imamura
as Japanese Actor
Goh Misawa
as Acting Troupe Manager
Sanae Hosaka
as Social Club Singer
Shûko Akune
as Reiko Sakoda
Keenan Shimuzu
as Master of Ceremonies
Dale Ishimoto
as Mr. Ogata
Shinko isobe
as Mrs. Ogata
Jumi Emizawa
as Camp Singer
Fred Irinaga
as Mr. Matsui
Emi Endo
as Japanese Girl
Tad Horino
as Mr. Noji
Marian Mukogawa
as Fujioka's Mother
Fran Lucci
as Dance Hall Singer
Mark Earley
as Wedding Singer
Joe Lisi
as Detective
Doug MacHugh
as Store Manager
Howard French
as Draft Clerk
Gigi Toya
as Kindergarten Teacher
Don Adler
as Race Track Soldier
Ian Woolf
as Basic Training Sergeant
Ben Slack
as Farmer
Bill M. Ryusaki
as Issei Gentleman
Kim Robillard
as Road Block Soldier
Harunobu Yoshida
as Demonstration Leader
David Carpenter
as Army Captain
Ben DiGregorio
as FBI Agent
as Woman in Uniform
Richard Iwamoto
as Committee Chairman
John McColpin
as MP Soldier
Kevin McDermott
as Administrator
Makio Sasaki
as Heckler
Kelsy White
as McGurn Children
Michael York
as Dance Hall Band Member
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Audience Reviews for Come See the Paradise

  • Jul 26, 2012
    A good drama portraying racial tensions Japanese Americans, and their families, faced during World War II. Really good movie. Early days of Dennis Quaid....some really great acting here on his part.
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Oct 24, 2009
    (1990 Director: Alan Parker) Seems there were a few movies made about hush hush accounts of the internment of Japanese living in America in response to WW II! This film is one; another is Snow Falling on Cedars, though in a less underplayed way. As I tell my son this is NOT a war movie yet in the stories of the peoples lives in this film they are IMPACTED by the war. Just watching this movie (Netflix rental) tonight. I have awaited its arrival & been looking forward to it! Wished to see it both for the actors & its themes & wondering how it was handled--released in 1990 (filmed at the end of the '80's "Me" generation] Both sides of this cd-rom have film--the main movie on one side; the flip side has directorial comments, video images & much more. This is a very sensitive handling of the racial & nationalism issues of the 1940's just pre-bomibing of Pearl Harbor set when this very unlikely pair met. Irish Projectionists' Labor Union attorney Jack McGunn (Dennis McQuaid) well versed in the Wagner Labor Relations Act. Jack is ousted because he disapproves of the dirty politics and is forced to move to Los Angeles to stay with his brother (Colm Meaney-Star Trek) and meets through his modest job as projectionist for a private theatre in Little Toyko the beautiful Lily Wakamura (Tamlyn Tomita) seamstress & daughter of a modest Japanese family living in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles).
    Teresa S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2008
    One of my all-time favorite movies!! Love this movie with Quaid and Tomita! Beautiful tale of love and devotion, a fascinating story of the strength of family ties. FANTASTIC!!
    Leo L Super Reviewer

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