The Comedians Reviews

March 25, 2012
Uninspired political drama.
March 23, 2011
At 156 minutes, it seems interminable.
Top Critic
March 23, 2011
At such moments of transcendent drama -- and there are enough to make it worthwhile -- The Comedians is easily forgiven its other sins.
March 26, 2009
A plodding, low-key, and eventually tedious melodrama.
February 8, 2007
Far more interesting to deconstruct than to watch.
June 24, 2006
A sadly inept adaptation of Graham Greene's novel.
June 30, 2005
May 9, 2005
It is conventional and obvious, indeed, and is rendered no better or more beguiling by some rather superfluous additions of amorous scenes.
January 21, 2005
October 31, 2004
Underrated version of Graham Greene's novel with a strong cast.
October 23, 2004
The movie tries to be serious and politically significant, and succeeds only in being tedious and pompous.