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September 13, 2016
Now 9 roasts deep into the 11 that Amazon has available for streaming, I can see a unique character developing for each one. It might seem obvious at first glance, but I promise that it isn't. Yes, they recycle a lot of jokes even though they may tailor them to specific people, but I'm not really referring to those. What I mean is how the production is tailored to each roast honoree. Although it is mostly confined to the introduction, you can see how the animations are unique in their own way, and the choice of song when the man/woman of honor enters. Maybe I'm putting a little too much thought into a comedy special, but at least Comedy Central did. The earlier ones were kind of anonymous in that kind of detail (or maybe I just didn't notice it until now), but it is clear that CC is getting into kind of a groove. As for the jokes, I continue to hear a lot of recycled material, particularly before each roaster gets to the main person. They're still funny, but the enthusiasm of my laughter does decline with each repetition. Thankfully, Charlie Sheen has had significant enough of a career and personal failings with which to generate comedic material. My personal favorites were Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, and Patrice O'Neal. Mike Tyson was tolerable at best, and way too many barbs were directed at him, distracting from the main event. It also didn't help that he couldn't keep his mouth shut when it wasn't his turn. Anyway, I digress. I found the level of humor acceptable, and Charlie Sheen himself equally adept at dishing it as taking it. Overall, in the upper echelon of these Comedy Central roasts.
June 25, 2015
Funny and insanely awesome
May 25, 2015
It was decent, but it had too many people that weren't that funny. 3/5
½ May 1, 2015
Mike Tyson un imbécil.
July 15, 2014
One of the best. Seth as host is perfect
August 17, 2013
Now Boarding the Charlie Sheen Crazy Train.

Comedy Central consistently delivers great quality shows with their Roasts. Everybody was super funny and who knew that Mike Tyson could deliver good humor as well. One special thanks goes to Jon Lovitz for the joke of 2011 that has gotten me consistent laughs with everyone I meet and "shoehorn" Charlie Sheen into the conversation. It goes: "And now a joke . . . how much cocaine can Charlie Sheen do? . . . Enough to kill 2 1/2 men." If Mr. Lovitz knew how many laughs I get repeating his joke, he'd charge me royalties. William Shatner made a few cranks to the Sheen rotisserie without hamming it up too much. Jeff Ross who's such a regular to these events that his peers love to note that this is the only job he can get. He also adds the right amount of seasoning to the roistering Warlock. The late Patrice O'Neal is an excellent roaster as well and has a funny exchange with William Shatner that doesn't go off-topic too much.
The only person who either didn't understand who the Roast was about, or was incredibly ill prepared, was Jackass's Steve O. Still anybody willing to run into a reluctant Mike Tyson's fist has my vote for a future invite. And speaking of future invites, thank you very Comedy Central for not having that, annoying, face-licking, attention grabbing, Andy Dick (head) whose only goal in life now seems to be in seeing how many people he can make cringe till their necks snap with his inappropriate distractions. And of course I can mention all the other roasters and the excellent job they did, but I'm getting a little lazy at this point.
Seth McFarlane is the perfect Roast Master in my opinion who perfectly keeps the flow going between Comedy Chefs taking their turn at the Rack-Of-Sheen. He has a mastery of being incredibly funny without stealing attention.

Lastly, no matter what a person does, I have a certain amount of respect for some one that tells a boss to (FOAD) and still gets another job. Way to go Charlie.
July 12, 2013
Fun and great to watch
February 15, 2013
It was so hyped up that i had high expectations. In the end, it wasn't nearly as good as older ones so I was pretty disappointed
½ December 23, 2012
They didn't roast Charlie sheen that much... and only about half of it was funny
July 8, 2012
Funny As Hell! Charlie Sheen is Bug out in this.
April 24, 2012
Great.. Had me rollin..
½ January 11, 2012
I don't care too much for Charlie Sheen so this didn't interest me. Mike Tyson looked and sounded like he was on something. Definitely needed some Lisa Lampanelli humor.
December 29, 2011
Kinda funny. Kinda mean. Worth checking out.
December 14, 2011
was a bloody pissa, charlie has the best come backs at the end
November 1, 2011
One of the better Comedy Central roasts, but then again, Sheen is pretty easy to make fun of.
October 30, 2011
Good, although a few jokes crossed the line.
Super Reviewer
October 26, 2011
Charlie sure is winning in this one. But damn has he aged a lot in the past few years. He looks like he could be the twin brother of Sweden's most famous criminal/drug abuser Christer Pettersson. In any case, this was a hilariously funny roast and one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Just seeing Mike Tyson doing comedy (or what you wanna call it), was absolutely priceless. And after many a merciless insults and spot-on punch lines, it all wraps up on a high-as-a-kite note - as in Steve-O throwing himself into Mike Tyson's fist, resulting in a broken nose and William Shatner letting out a "WTF?". It just doesn't get much better than that.
½ October 17, 2011
Well... I got exactly what I expected from it. I'm so glad Seth McFarlane got more screen time than it seemed he would have gotten. I find him to be one of the few funny 2011 comics out there. Thank god for William Shatner as well. Even though near the middle it just seemed like all the Roasters started to forget Sheen was there and started making fun of each other, this was a very entertaining hour and a half. Charlie Sheen may be a dumb man, but he can make a pretty memorable and funny speech.
Remember, it's not MTV. It's Comedy Central!
October 15, 2011
Ya it waspretty funny Roast for sure good laughs once again as always with every roast they have
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