Mar 23, 2001
This movie looks and feels so retro, so unrelentingly unironic, that the very guilelessness of it makes you want to giggle.
Mar 12, 2001
Mar 9, 2001
A smart comedy melding cold-war paranoia and pre-feminism gender roles that only intermittently succeeds is far more welcome than yet another big, loud, juvenile attempt to make us laugh.
Mar 8, 2001
At its best, Company Man hums from one piece to the next, a harmless, good-natured, often silly spoof with a few cutting barbs and a comic showman's love of the well-executed gag.
Mar 8, 2001
The spirited, hammy cast ... delivers plenty of laughs.
Mar 8, 2001
Clever, quick, over-the-top, and filled with memorable comedic moments.
Mar 7, 2001
An over-the-top comedy that is so intentionally 'bad,' it's hilarious.
Mar 5, 2001
A smart, neat little movie.
Feb 20, 2001
Company Man is one of the year's early treasures.