Compulsion Quotes

  • Artie Straus: I want to do something really dangerous. Something that will have everybody talking, not just a few guys. With half the fat-headed cops in Chicago running around in circles wondering about it while we sat back and laughed at them.
    Judd Steiner: Yes, but together Artie - something perfect. Something brilliant! The true test of the superior intellect with every little detail worked out.
    Artie Straus: and dangerous, really dangerous - that's the only way it'll be any fun. Uhh - you'd be panicky again.
    Judd Steiner: No, I wouldn't. It must be done as an experiment. Detached and no emotional involvement - and no reason for it except to show that we can do it.
    Artie Straus: We can do it...
    Judd Steiner: together.
    Artie Straus: O.K. genius, go home and get some sleep.
    Judd Steiner: I'll call you tomorrow?

  • Sid Brooks: I hope they hang him. I hope he hangs till the rope rots!
    Sid Brooks: I hope they hang him. I hope he hangs til the rope rots!

  • D.A. Horn: Oh you might as well know, before you decide on a plea: Dr. Ball and Dr. Stauffer have been observing them.
    Jonathan Wilk: observing??
    D.A. Horn: In their opinion the boys are completely sane.
    Jonathan Wilk: Might be more interesting to hear their conclusions, if the doctors were to observe each other. [laughter from the room]

  • D.A. Horn: The state psychiatrists have declared them completely sane.
    Jonathan Wilk: Yes, after a searching and exhausting study. Isn't that right Harold? 10 minutes in a crowded hotel room. Oh, we're up against some brilliant minds in this case, and we - we haven't a minute to lose.

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