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½ July 5, 2017
There were some interesting aspects to the documentary, such as the contradiction of Conan saying how much he loved the tour yet acted like a bitch throughout. But there was too much irrelevant filler, and for the most part it only glossed over what was happening on tour. It was also lacking depth as far as showing Conan's true state of mind and didn't really explain the situation with Jay Leno, NBC, and the Tonight Show all that well. You're better off just reading the book "The War for Late Night" by Bill Carter.
October 23, 2016
Fun behind-the-scenes look at Conan O'Brien's Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour, which kicked off in good old Eugene, Oregon. Conan had just lost his gig as host of The Tonight Show and was prohibited from appearing on TV for six month, so he went on tour with a live show not just to keep buy and make some money for his loyal staff and crew, but he also used it to keep sane and process his the loss of The Tonight Show. What made this documentary more than being a standard concert/tour film is that Concan did allow for his dark side to show through. Besides the Conan O'Brien show regulars, you also get plenty of celebrity cameos, from Stephen Colbert to Jim Carey to a very cool Eddie Vedder cover of Baba O'Reilly.
December 18, 2015
I was a bit disappointed at first because I thought this was going to be the actual show he did, not a documentary. However, it was still pretty good. I had known about "The Tonight Show" debacle of 2009, but I did not know the details. It was interesting to hear the story from Conan's perspective. It was also interesting to get insight into his personality. He is funny, but he is also rather temperamental and moody. I'm not sure how his staff put up with it.
August 22, 2014
It is an interesting look into Conan O'Briens way of working, his good hearten nature and his ability to entertain. It is a tour film and as such it is entertaining, after seeing it I would have wanted to see the entire show, LIVE!
August 9, 2014
The hectic pace of the tour wore me out just watching.
½ July 17, 2014
Really like Conan but this documentation was bad. Didn't even watched it to the end
May 30, 2014
As much as I love Conan, this movie makes him look like a jackass. Despite that, it's amazing and a very appropriate title.
May 23, 2014
You really see a side of Conan that is not flattering, but that of a compulsively driven performer who needs to be making people laugh, even when he shouldn't. He's also not that nice... Candid and raw.
April 5, 2014
Really funny and surprising in its emotional impact. A remarkably intimate look at one of the greatest entertainers of my lifetime, and his compulsive need to make people laugh. The narrative occasionally feels a bit slight and/or padded at times, but "Can't Stop" is heartfelt; a tragic story in some ways, but maybe a bit inspiring too.
February 22, 2014
can't wait to see this.
February 13, 2014
Any Conan fan would love this documentary. Conan Can't Stop only increases the amount of respect that his fans have for him and his show. Two reasons why many may see Conan as an inspirational individual. The first reason is the type of Charisma that many tv greats has had before him. He has the ability to make the audience feel as if he is talking to them personally. Those watching his shows can connect with him on a personal level. From Late Night to Conan, the self-deprecating humor, offbeat comedic antics and unpredictable monolouges gives him that edge as to why he is one of the greatest tv personalities. Whenever a joke bombs on his show he acknowledges it, all of these attributes gives the audience a sense of realism. The second reason is the Legally Prohibited Tour, to me i find it truly unique, for O'Brien. When you look at it he has became a huge tv star, with the success of Late Night and the Tonight Show. After all hell breaks loose with NBC he starts a grassroots tour. It's like seeing a heavyweight champion starting back to square one.

The reason that this is called Conan Can't Stop is due to the fact that Conan is always performing, whether that be on a show,or with staff or family. We almost see O'Brien burnout a bit due to the constant work he puts himself into. For example on his time off from the tour, he decides to put on a secret show in Nashville. Conan Can't Stop Working. But what i love is that this is the Conan we have all learned to love, just a little bit raw and uncut.
½ January 7, 2014
pretty bad how Conan was treated, but it's only semi entertaining
December 8, 2013
The best comedy comes from a dark place, and this spoke volumes during a period when people were losing jobs. This documentary is cathartic, infuriating, and inspiring in all the best ways.
December 8, 2013
Funny for the most part and an interesting look at behind the scenes on a big show like his. If you a Conan fan you should watch this.
October 31, 2013
Consistently funny, the problem I had with it was you could tell which scenes were going to work and be interesting while others were clearly just going to be recycling certain character-based items. I liked that it clearly was an unfiltered look at Conan, but in terms of a documentary it wasn't captivating enough for me.
October 28, 2013
A great look into Conan's creative process and life.
October 20, 2013
Conan O'Brien es un presentador de gran carisma y su talk show para TBS es francamente entretenido. Luego de recibir millones para no presentar el "Tonight Show" de NBC, luego de reemplazar a Jay Leno y de quedar vetado de la television por 6 meses, O'Brien decide hacer una gira comico-musical para seguir teniendo una conexion con el publico, cosa que lo obsesiona. Este documental no llega a cubrir la gira y cubre muy poco de la vida personal de O'Brien. Si hubiera sido una pelicula de concierto o un documental sobre la vida de este talentoso personaje, "Can´t Stop" tal vez no hubiera sido tan aburrida.
October 17, 2013
pajeraaaaaa, me carga cuando se pone a cantar cosas que no me importan
September 23, 2013
I always liked Conan so it was a real pleasure to see "the raw him".
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