Coneheads Reviews

May 22, 2015
It ultimately fails because it lacks sufficient satire or an edge.
June 24, 2014
So-so '90s movie based on '70s SNL sketch has edgy humor.
August 3, 2011
A one-joke movie, stretched to the limit.
May 16, 2008
Can you inflate a gimmick-driven comedy skit into a full-fledged feature film? Up to a point.
May 16, 2008
Whether on Earth or in space, the jokes are either flat or hopelessly crude.
May 16, 2008
Its transition to the big screen suggests an idea that was plotted on the back of a beer mat when the creators were too pickled to stand up straight. One wishes they had passed out before they were so inspired.
December 21, 2004
January 4, 2004
What's so funny?
September 14, 2003
July 5, 2003
May 20, 2003
Coneheads falls flat about as often as it turns funny, and displays more amiability than style.
April 30, 2003
This film went so wrong somewhere, the
October 25, 2002
It should have remained a skit on SNL
August 29, 2002
June 13, 2001
It's not worth the expenditure of energy, really.
January 1, 2000
This is a dismal, dreary and fairly desperate movie, in which the actors try very hard but are unable to overcome an uninspired screenplay.
January 1, 2000
Curtin and Aykroyd rely on old standbys... When that doesn't work, which mostly it doesn't, they try grossing us out with a series of revolting Remulakian childbirth jokes.
January 1, 2000
The film itself is like the cinematic equivalent of a clothesline, with a steady stream of skits and gags hung out to dry.
January 1, 2000
I expected stupid humor, silly humor, or bizarre humor, but not no humor.