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Cookie's Fortune Quotes

  • Jack Palmer: He died alright about four years later in Alabama, in a button factory accident.
    Emma Duvall: A button factory?
    Camille Orcutt: Seems the hole poker machine broke loose and fell on him. He had 273 holes in him before they could get it off.

  • Willis Richland: Well, if anybody's hungry, I got some stuff at home for catfish enchiladas.

  • Lester Boyle: I'll bet the farm that Willis doesn't have AB negative blood.
    Otis Tucker: Now how do you know that?
    Lester Boyle: Cause I've fished with him.

  • Lester Boyle: Break an arm!

  • Josie Martin: We people who are in the bar busies, we don't spend much time looking a the clock on the wall. We do what we do best-drinking and burying the blues.

  • Willis Richland: Every family got someone whose got a screw loose.

  • Eddie "The Expert" Pitts: How do you know for sure he's innocent?
    Lester Boyle: Because I've fished with him.

  • Camille Orcutt: How dare you do this to me, you crazy old lady!

  • Camille Orcutt: Aunt Jewel did not commit suicide. Suicide is a dig race. Crazy people commit suicide.

  • Jewel Mae "Cookie" Orcutt: Here I come, Buck. I'm going to be in a golden boat with golden wings.

  • Emma Duvall: Nobody needs me. I'm a worthless tramp, remember?

  • Wanda Carter: Want a drink?
    Willis Richland: No, never before Tom Brockaw.

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