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½ June 2, 2017
A rather over-complicated plot featuring corrupt small-town officials collectively trying to force a house sale, a mistress, a possessive mother confined to a wheelchair, her postman son playing amateur detective. The rather clunky first half-hour thankfully gives way to the introduction of Inspector Lavardin (a wonderful amused performance by Jean Poiret) and the plot starts to kick in. Worth sticking with.
October 4, 2010
With the passing of Claude Chabrol we have lost one of the true greats of Cinema and this 1985 film shows Chabrol firing on all cylinders.

Again the subject is smalltown France and Muders desire and intrigue which only a master such as Chabrol could conjur up.

When 3 rather nasty property developers attempt to grab some land belonging to a crippled woman and her postman son what follows is a nasty car accident a missing wife and a brutal murder.

When Inspector Lavardin arrives on the scene he begins to dole out his own type of justice by bullying suspects into giving answers.

Jean Poiret is marvellous as the fried egg eating Lavardin who will break a few laws to get justice if he has to.

Chabrol loves this story and he really is on full mode here which means i throughly enjoyed it ,now im going to watch the sequel and see what thats like Top Grade stuff
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February 8, 2009
In a small French village, a trio of unscrupulous property developers attempt to force the local postman and his invalid mother (Stéphane Audran) to sell their home. Missing persons, murder and madness ensue and a police detective is sent to investigate. I can't help thinking I'd have liked this one better if I hadn't seen quite so many of Chabrol's other movies; it's not bad but there's little here I haven't seen before. It begins brilliantly with a great credits sequence and the masterly introduction of the various characters as we follow the postman on his round, but the story does sag in the middle, before Jean Poiret's Inspecteur Lavardin arrives on the scene. The best thing about the movie is the excellent cast.
June 6, 2008
It's something like Frasier crossed with Dirty Harry that'll probably make someone interested. It's a pretty good movie too.
November 20, 2007
Middle-rate Chabrol thriller. Good performances, but he makes the same observations better elsewhere. Also, his usual psychosexual interest seems weirdly perfunctory here -- incest, Oedipal drama, voyeurism with a yawn.
½ December 10, 2006
Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?
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