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Corky Romano continues the trend of bad movies featuring SNL members. The jokes are tired and unfunny, and the slapstick feels forced.



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Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Kattan stars in this mob comedy as Corky Romano, a veterinarian with a penchant for pop music from the '80s. As a youth, Corky was kicked out of his Mafia-connected family for being an oddball. Now his long-lost father (Peter Falk) has been indicted and needs Corky to infiltrate the FBI and steal the government's evidence against him. Corky is willing to aid the relatives who so long ago turned their backs on him, but his brothers go overboard when intimidating the computer hacker who gets Corky's bogus application into the FBI academy, presenting him as a super agent named Pissant. Now Corky must live up to his reputation for an eminently qualified top cop while simultaneously trying to get the goods on his dad. Corky Romano co-stars Peter Berg, Chris Penn, Vincent Pastore, Vinessa Shaw, Fred Ward, and Richard Roundtree.

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Chris Kattan
as Corky Romano
Vinessa Shaw
as Agent Kate Russo
Peter Falk
as Pops Romano
Peter Berg
as Paulie Romano
Chris Penn
as Peter Romano
Fred Ward
as Leo Corrigan
Richard Roundtree
as Howard Shuster
Matthew Glave
as Agent Brick Davis
Roger Fan
as Agent Bob Cox
Dave Sheridan
as Agent Terrence Darnell
Michael Massee
as Angry Gunman
Fiona Hale
as Florence
Al Eben
as Dale
Kip King
as Dr. Kipper
Irene Olga Lopez
as Mrs. Hernandez
Sylvester Jenkins
as Mr. Langford/Old Man
Jeanette Miller
as Phyllis/Old Woman With Cat
Blake Clark
as Security Guard
Zach Galifianakis
as Dexter/Hacker
April Tran
as Vietnamese Man
Eck Stone
as Thai Man
Justin Riemer
as Skinhead
Tim Sitarz
as Skinhead
Kristina Simonds
as Woman in Classroom
Rena Mero
as Female Bouncer
John Farley
as Ice Cream Vendor
Dilva Henry
as Reporter
James Hill
as Reporter
Steven Wilde
as Chaz, Male Bouncer
Jennifer Gimenez
as Trina, Waitress
James Tupper
as FBI Agent
Sean Greenhut
as Coughing Kid
Flora Burke
as Woman With Dog
Grant Silver
as Boy With Mouse
Robin Borovic
as Secretary
Ashton Dane
as SWAT Team
Joseph Dubow
as SWAT Team
Gary C. Smith
as Precision Driver/Hank
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  • Jul 04, 2012
    An unfunny "comedy" movie.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 01, 2012
    In terms of a bad comedy, Corky Romano is one of the worst films that you can watch. Poorly written acted and directed, this is one of those films that never should have been made in the first place. This is a film that is stupid, so bad that you cannot believe your eyes. This film is definitely not worth your time, and if you're looking for something good here, you won't find it. This is a failure as a comedy, one that is definitely not funny, but more stupid. There is nothing funny here, and the comedy is horrible. Corky Romano has an awful cast that really don't know how to create effectively funny material. The film just isn't interesting or fun to watch. I found it dull and boring and a total waste of time. If you're looking for something funny, you'll only find bad gags that are poorly executed. This is a bad film with a bad lead actor that has always delivered a mediocre performance. Chris Kattan is a horrible comic, and can't act whatsoever. I think that this is one of the worst comedies that I have seen in quite some time and it just doesn't work because the script is so poorly constructed that it makes you wonder how they succeeded in making this film. The film awful, not worth the time to watch and the cast are bad here. They simply don't have what it takes to deliver the laughs. Corky Romano is one of the most uninspired comedies that I've seen, and it just fails from start to finish.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Sep 18, 2009
    The plot centers around Corky Romano who is a veterinarian, vegetarian and all around too happy mama's boy who was sent to college while his two older brothers were kept at home, working for "Pop" who just so happens to be a mafia boss. Despite being incredibly naïve, gullible and awkward, Corky has to go undercover in the FBI to steal incriminating evidence against their mobster father and is declared a hero and great detective by his colleagues when all he does is screw up. If you're in the mood for a good old fashioned brainless laugh, this movie is one for you.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 05, 2009
    i seriously dont know why i own this movie
    Coxxie M Super Reviewer

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