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½ October 19, 2009
one of the biggest time-wasters, ever. Be forewarned the DVD cover says nothing about the movie -- this is not Romance, it's pure Horror! If you must catch something like this, watch "Hanyo".

The biggest problem with this movie, I felt, was that one keeps hoping with each passing agonizing minute, that something will happen that will make everything make sense & the movie worthwhile. I wonder if the acting's convincing because the cast was good, or because they weren't acting at all!
½ September 14, 2009
A satire of colonialism eating its own bitter fruit. Although Madhur Jaffrey's acting looks a bit odd, she still vividly constructed a detachable yet pitiful & funny, aggressive & manipulating Anglo-Indian woman being lost in her identity.
½ February 15, 2009
good movie for the fast forward button
January 7, 2009
As a period piece, this film does succeed. In terms of narrative pacing, as well as conclusion, it falls a bit short. Much of the story is delved from cliche exchanges, manipulations and stereotypes. Mary's role can at times be over the top, especially so in the final 15 minutes, but she still manages to keep viewers watching.
½ January 3, 2009
This is a "serious" movie from the Merchant Ivory Collection which would be unlikely to have wide distribution in any country. The film takes place in 1954 India, which is shortly after the 1947 Partition which saw the end of a large British presence in India. Some British did stay behind, and the effects of the British remained (much like it did in the United States). This film presents a glimpse of that period in a very personal manner.

There is another film on the same topic, and it is "Staying On." This could well be a Merchant Ivory film, but it is an independent film based upon an award-winning novel by Paul Scott ("The Jewel in the Crown"). A retired British Colnel and his wife remain in India after the 1947 Partition. Like "Cotton Mary," this movie captures a bit of history.
½ December 22, 2007
Period drama based in India, this story revolves around a somewhat "mad" nursemaid who has dilusions of granduer.
November 27, 2007
Litte known Merchant/Ivory movie. Director: Ismail Merchant. Very good...
August 6, 2007
March 15, 2007
A strange story about obssessed anglo-indian nurse who want badly to become a Lady from english community.
March 9, 2004
Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: If I Ain't Got You
Album: Diary Of Alicia Keys

I always thought this song was a remake, but she said in an interview she wrote the song herself. If I haven't done it before, I pronounce Alicia Keys to be my wife.

I've been bored on my Spring Break. During the day I do my schoolwork (I have a paper to do) and nighttime I hang out with friends who also got nothing to do during the day. We got drunk Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and we took a break last night to watch some movies, Malibu's Most Wanted and Cotton Mary (only God knows why my friend rented that movie).

I've been going to the gym more, trying to get some abs here. But today worked out for 3 hours on my legs. I f only I had a wheelchair......
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