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July 31, 2016
Very inspirational! A perfect way to show the different sides of being a true Godly Father; and including the good and the bad sides to any family in general.
Sherwood has been faithful about making wonderful family movies; can't wait for the next one!
May 29, 2016
Awesome movie. The lessons learned from the movie are priceless.
May 26, 2016
Exponentially expands plotlines and then fails to keep them relevant. Even so, the film does manage to wring your emotions quite a bit.
½ February 24, 2016
This is the best movie that has come from Alex Kendrick due to a strong focus on character, exciting action scenes, and a beautiful and applicable message for fathers.
January 29, 2016
Fine enough one long if they not praying to much.
½ January 25, 2016
I don't know why Alex Kendrick movies get a bad rep from critics.
January 22, 2016
very inspirational movie....
January 15, 2016
Best movie I've seen last year!!!
January 9, 2016
It was a good movie, but not better than War Room... First movie was too long. Story was too much. and I didn't feel strong and powerful message of God and Jesus. I understood they tried to tell about God and Jesus, but they failed it... I think they couldn't tell their courageous message completely... But some jokes were really funny. Director Alex Kendrick's brother and producer/co-writer Stephen Kendrick played Adam and he did nice performance. Anyway you don't need to see it, watch War Room! That's all...
December 26, 2015
Perfect family movie! very inspirational
December 26, 2015
An absolute MUST SEE movie!!!! Possibly the best Sherwood has made so far. Amazing story! Much better acting! Decent action sequences! Makes you laugh, makes you cry, and challenges your heart. I love this movie! I can't wait to see what this church does next. God has really used their movie ministry in a powerful way! Compared to a lot of the trash Hollywood dishes out in a year, this movie is a great relief to see. This movie does not contain a perfect plot. This movie does not contain top-notch Hollywood actors. What this movie does have is power. It targets a key current issue in America. We need fathers that will rise up and lead their families as a godly example. Be COURAGEOUS!
½ December 22, 2015
31/100 - It's films like Courageous that make me think Christian movies should just take a break and figure out a way to be good. I like that the Kendrick brothers make various types of people relatable to concepts of faith, but that's about all that Courageous and their other films prove. The police side of things, which I find to be the more interesting parts of the film, are often diminished to allow for the film's message of being a good father to seep through. At least the production values are halfway decent.
December 11, 2015
ignore patronising critique of this film parading as moderation, modernity and common sense - when it's only promulgating typical anti-christian spiel. kendrick is a natural director, juggling many themes in one resounding story. it's not just a dissent against the usual hollywood fluff pretending to be profound. the film identifies and resolves social dilemmas (crime, rectitude, accountability, anguish), expressing them in pungent and often raffish terms.
November 7, 2015
What a very heartwarming, funny and touching film this is. This film is more than just the values of Christianity, it is a calling for all fathers to be a better, kind and loving parent. Plain and simple.
October 22, 2015
Amazing movie, one of my absolute favorites. You'll laugh and cry, but most of all, it will challenge you.
October 21, 2015
Who are these critics that claim there is a 'dogmatic agenda"? If there is anyone out there who does not love his family deeply, then I guess this film is not for you. If you are a man who is more interested in living for self and does not believe that his character matters or does not believe that how he lives either good or bad makes any kind of an impact in the life of his children or in his marriage then I guess that man WOULD find this movie worthless as the so-called consensus of critics claim. If you are a man without integrity then you would probably not get anything out of this movie...
September 30, 2015
A great movie with a great message!
September 17, 2015
If every man who watches this would heed it's message & live the way it teaches, life in this country would improve vastly. To Rotten Tomatoes; it's about the message, not the entertainment value. I watch these movies for my interest, not what your thoughts on the content may be. In this case, you were without a doubt, Rotten in your review.
September 15, 2015
Very Very Good:):-)!!!!!!!!!!!
September 14, 2015

If I could I give this movie 0 stars I would. It was boring and the acting was terrible! It was the most useless 130 minutes I ever spent on a movie.
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