Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Kaubôi Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira) Reviews

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June 6, 2003
[Nonfans] will be admitted to the clubhouse, but will not be made to feel welcome.
June 2, 2003
Cartoon or not, the world of 'Cowboy Bebop: The Movie' feels as convincingly 'lived-in' as any seen onscreen in ages...
May 18, 2003
It has the plot of an engaging, stylish action movie, but the pitiable soul of a second-rate philosophy major.
May 16, 2003
A postmodern animated epic, laced with film-noir savvy.
May 15, 2003
Even those unfamiliar with the good ship Bebop will enjoy the high-intensity action and witty dialogue.
May 8, 2003
Folks who go for this sort of thing will find it the sort of thing they go for. But the rest of us may find reason to scratch our heads and scratch again.
May 2, 2003
Bebop does deliver quite a bit of lively animated action.
May 1, 2003
It's a stylish work, seeping with brilliant animation and potentially interesting characters that didn't need so much time to establish themselves.
April 20, 2003
The filmmakers draw on interesting material here; too bad they don't go anywhere interesting with it.
April 20, 2003
The plot goes deeper than a regular animated film, perhaps because Japanese anime doesn't feel restricted (at least, not always) to the drawn genre.
April 16, 2003
Honors the affectless beauty of the original anime art and maintains the outlaw boppiness of the series concept.
April 15, 2003
Helmer Shinichiro Watanabe's oversight of Bebop's more expansive visual canvas is impressive, bringing out details not previously seen in tale's small screen version.
April 15, 2003
A bit of a genre hybrid that, for all its anime coolness, doesn't quite transcend the commonplaces of the genres it's splicing together.
April 15, 2003
The visually arresting animation is more than enough to compensate when narrative confusion threatens to overwhelm.
April 11, 2003
As with any big screen version of a comic book/TV series, the filmmakers up the stakes a great deal, providing not only more explosions and bigger set pieces, but also more atmosphere.
April 9, 2003
The parts are better than the sum
April 7, 2003
What really shines in this animated work is the artwork itself. Its dark linearity and depth of field ensures a bounty of detail to look at.
April 7, 2003
Watch the Cartoon Network show instead, it's more fun.
April 5, 2003
April 5, 2003
The visuals are well done and the whole is fun to watch.
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