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The Cowboys Quotes

  • Wil Anderson: well heres my word get the hell off my spread now
    Wil Anderson: Well, here's my word get the hell off my spread now.

  • Wil Anderson: had my back broke once and my hip twice and on my worst day i get to beat the hell out of you
    Wil Anderson: Had my back broke once and my hip twice, and on my worst day I get to beat the hell out of you.

  • Jebediah Nightlinger: [the boys are acting innocent, while scheming to steal a bottle of whiskey] Boys are always guilty of something nasty. What could it be this time, I wonder?

  • Hardy Fimps: I never noticed before, but most of the people I know are quiet compared to Mr. Andersen.
    Slim Honeycutt: He's quiet... it just comes out loud.

  • Wil Anderson: You know, trail driving is not Sunday school picnic. You got to figure you're dealing with the dumbest oneriest critter on God's green earth. The cow is nothing but trouble tied up in a leather bag - and the horse ain't much better.

  • Cimarron: They didn't even dig him a decent grave.
    Wil Anderson: Well, it's not how you're buried, it's how you're remembered.

  • Jebediah Nightlinger: [praying to God before he's about to hanged by Asa Watts and his gang] I regret trifling with married women. I'm thoroughly ashamed at cheating at cards. I deplore my occasional departures from the truth. Forgive me for taking your name in vain, my Saturday drunkenness, my Sunday sloth. Above all, forgive me for the men I've killed in anger [eyes shifting to Asa Watts] ... and those I am about to.

  • Jebediah Nightlinger: [referring to the madam Kate Collingwood's offer of sexual favor] Well, I have the inclination, the maturity, and the wherewithal... but unfortunately, I don't have the time.

  • Wil Anderson: [repeated line] We're burnin' daylight.

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