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½ January 4, 2016
Save your self the waste of 2 hours and just watch "Angel Heart".
February 26, 2015
Very clever screenplay and well-acted by a good cast. Introduces some thought provoking philosophical ideas for a suspense horro thriller.
September 12, 2014
I saw this movie by accident thinking it was something else but now I love it and bought the dvd. A man with a God complex facing off with a man who claims to be Satan is an good plot but I mostly love the hidden gems of hints that I didn't see the first time around. Every time I watch it I discover something else I didn't pick up on before. I found, and still find it, intriguing.
February 10, 2014
My brother recommended this film to me and it was a good recommendation. I enjoyed Crazy As Hell. 4 stars for this one.
October 3, 2013
interesting approach!
½ July 28, 2013
Crazy As Hell Puts Together A Very Nice Twist With A Very Good Acting Especially From Eriq La Salle(Who Also Directed) But I Personally Think It Went On A Little Too Long.
December 29, 2012
This movie was not only crazy as hell, but it was funny as hell too!
October 2, 2012
I think all in all. it's a great movie "!
May 14, 2012
This was a surprisingly good film that I never heard about.
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½ May 2, 2012
Good thriller in a crazy way the psychiatrist had taken on a bit more than he
should of a real twist at the end.
½ March 18, 2012
I thought this film was brilliant; La Salle captivates. I thought that the steps from normal to the pit of hell were subtle, enough so that when you realise that the good docator is IN hell, you have been so thoroughly brought into the movie that you forget that's what your doing; watching a film.
I recommmend it.
March 7, 2012
It' one of the most underrated movie, it will challenge your perception of good and evil
½ October 11, 2011
really good acting, but toward the end the movie began to fall a little short, it did not go for it as much as the film previousely had. and Eriq La salle was made his character come alive. The film make you think and gives you chills all at once.
½ October 6, 2011
A mediocre near-clone of Moctezuma's far superior "The Mansion of Madness" with a bit of ham-fisted theology thrown in for good measure, "Crazy as Hell" shows a good deal of promise early on but quickly becomes predictable, formulaic and a bit dull. It reaches for a Twilight Zone sort of twist at the end, but by the time we get there we've seen it coming from about a half hour into the film. The acting is passable and Sinbad, playing a pesky orderly, is suitably annoying, but it's a long trip to an all-too familiar destination featuring a couple of cut-outs as main characters. Eriq La Salle does have a couple of interesting moments as a man who truly believes himself to be Satan, but they're too few and far between to keep the film compelling. Not horrible, just not all that interesting. Comparisons to movies like "In the Mouth of Madness" are definitely a stretch.
½ March 7, 2011
Eriq La Salle plays a character unlike his other roles in this great pseudo religious yarn. Excellent acting by Beach as well. I went into the movie with no knowledge of it and was pleasantly surprised.
June 16, 2010
weird but interesting
May 5, 2010
A horrible splice between K-PAX and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but with the devil. Poorly acted, abrupt in its scences, closer to a related series of sketches on MADTv than a movie, and why was Sinbad in this?
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½ April 8, 2010
This was kind of a odd film. It stars Michael Beach as a psychiatrist who gets a new job at a mental ward. As brillant as he is he can't seem to figure out a patient played by Eriq LaSalle who states he is the devil. Things begin to happen and he questions his own sanity. Is this guy really the devil or is he just beginning to go crazy. The film has a interesting story. The acting is solid. There are times in this movie I found myself scratching my head. I guess that is why I gave it a lower rating. I might have to watch this again. But for now it was kind of hit and miss with me.
½ March 5, 2010
This is a pretty entertaining psychological horror set in an insane asylum. The interaction between the celebrity psychiatrist and the new patient who claims to be Satan is fun to watch.
½ February 24, 2010
God works in mysterious ways while the devil plays in strange ways

Ty Adams is a renowned psychologist who has been selected to receive his own reality show. The reality show takes place at a new hospital Adams has no prior experience. Initially, Adams new methods of treatment seem to work well at the facility. However, when a new patient arrives who thinks he's the devil and begins influencing the other patients as well as Adams, the reality show may go south for Adam real quick.

"She was so hungry she was eating the wood off the bed post."

Eriq La Salle, director of Rebound: The Legend of Earl Manigault and episodes of ER, CSI: NY, and Without a Trace, delivers Crazy as Hell. The storyline for this picture is interesting and well delivered. The concept was well portrayed and the acting was better than average. The cast includes Eriq La Salle (Coming to America), Sinbad, Michael Beach (Hell Ride), and Ronny Cox (Killzone).

"He had beaten me and my mother for three days straight..."

Crazy as Hell is currently airing on The Movie Channel (TMC). I happened to catch this movie while flicking through the channels and the plot seemed interesting. Michael Beach delivered a solid lead performance and La Salle delivered an eccentric performance. The overall conclusion was not delivered well and made the film feel like it was "made for television." This is worth watching once.

"How does it feel to be the devil's bitch?"

Grade: C
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