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Crazy in Alabama Quotes

  • Aunt Lucille: Honey, I'm wanted in seven states.

  • Peter Joseph "Peejoe" Bullis: Uncle Dove, do you really think that Aunt Lucille stole that car?
    Dove: Absolutely. Baby sister wants a car, she's gonna get one!

  • Peter Joseph "Peejoe" Bullis: Life and death are only temporary, but freedom goes on forever.

  • Aunt Lucille: There are lot of ways you can kill a person. There are fast ways, and there are slow ways. Chester was killin' me the slow ways for thirteen years.

  • Aunt Lucille: I'm the kinda girl that who can resist anything but temptation.

  • Aunt Lucille: Can I leave my husband here?

  • Peter Joseph "Peejoe" Bullis: Uncle Dove, do you think Aunt Lucille stole that car.
    Dove: Absolutely! She's gonna get one.

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