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December 20, 2015
Just okay watch for me. I hated the ending. Bett felt too much like a caricature to me, didn't find her convincing at all. Rest of cast fine. Few little issues, but not badly acted. Fine to watch once, and it cost me about $4 as an ex rental. Glad it wasn't anymore than that, and I'll be donating it to the library shortly.
September 16, 2015
A coming of age film that is pretty silly and cliché, but one that I'd regard as one of my guilty pleasures. Graham Rogers, in my eyes, was a great find for this role!
August 26, 2015
The characters in this movie are so messed up that you have to watch until the end to see how things turn out for them. While the whole story is completely unbelievable it has a sweet ending that made it worth watching once.
July 13, 2015
There is a certain madness to this quirky offbeat (sometimes disconcerting) family dramedy. A tortuous road towards realizing balance & belonging.
August 26, 2014
Your standard Manic Pixie Dream Girl plot, only featuring a MPDG that isn't even slightly appealing. In the real world, people would get as far away as possible from this unpleasant crazy person. In this film's universe, men are drawn to her, brother's fight over her and women learn life lessons from her. It's worth noting that in this same universe, a woman can refuse to get out of bed for several months and nobody thinks to call a doctor.
February 2, 2014
Love is complicated. Brotherly love can be tough but a mother's love overcomes everything.
January 25, 2014
I love everything about this movie.
December 27, 2013
While a lot of the events that occurred in this movie were unrealistic and contrived, the overall theme is something that really hits home for families everywhere. Broken relationships with parents and how it affects their teens is something that is relatable. Additionally, all of the characters were stunningly real (the Henry character is entirely representative of many post grads in this day and age) and having Bette how up as a kind of catalyst to mend the family was a spin on this story that made it uplifting and hopeful. I would reccomend this film to anyone who appreciates strong character development and an honest look at life inside an actual family.
July 28, 2013
This movie is wonderful. The characters are quirky, unique, and relate-able, much like the plot.
July 16, 2013
Amazing contemporary/indie film. It had such a positive, inspirational, motivating message behind it: how the power of positivity and optimism can change your life. Amanda Crew was AMAZING at playing the ultimate role model for everyone, characters and audience alike. Definitely the shining star in this movie! There was great chemistry and dynamics between the characters! Each actor played his/her part beautifully in the story.
July 13, 2013
Nice to watch 1 or 2 times not to own...
July 12, 2013
While the story is something that has been done before, the quirkiness throughout the movie is what sets it apart. There are quite a few moments that might seem depressing but the soundtrack during these scenes makes it feel a lot more hopeful and considering what the movie tries to say, it is a good thing. The acting is pretty good and Amanda Crew really stepped it up from her previous roles and is the one who stands out the most. Definitely worth the rent.
July 6, 2013
A drama that tells the story of a women that kicks her husband out of the house after he cheated on her and the story goes from there to tell the tail of the mothers downward spiral of depression and how the two young sons deal with the situation. The youngest brother falls in love with a girl and this girl turns their world from the boring grey black that they are going through to all the colours of the rainbow.
It is a nice movie that teaches us the value of family and choices forgiveness etc...
It stars Vagina Madesn and for my Aussie friends it has Anthony Lapaliga as the dead beat dad he plays the role well not a violent role but more of a man in a life crisis and does not know where to turn.
The third party girl is Eva Lagoria from Desperate housewives.
I leave this one up to you if you wanna watch its not that bad.
not for the kiddeis.
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