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This violent and shocking tale of horror from Japan concerns Satomi (Hitomi Miwa), who is one of three children being raised by a recent widow. Satomi's brother is accused by police of being a killer who has been chopping off the heads of innocent schoolgirls. Certain her sibling must be innocent of these charges, Satomi contacts a psychic in hopes of finding evidence which could clear his name; however, the medium demands a heavy price, and the consequences take Satomi to a strange and unexpected place. Crazy Lips was written by Hiroshi Takahashi, who also penned the script for the international success Ringu.


Kazuma Suzuki
as Michio Kurahashi
Hitomi Miwa
as Satomi Kurahashi
Hiroshi Abe
as Narimoto
Ren Ohsugi
as Colonel

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Crazy? Yes, completely nuts, in fact. A mother and two sisters are trying to clear a son of charges that he's a serial killer who murdered three women. They enlist the help of the Mamiya Psychic Research Institute, which consists of a spooky psychic woman and her husband, Touma. The family home is constantly surrounded by reporters who carry continuous live broadcasts of everything that happens in the house. And then... reality takes a turn for the surreal. The psychics are really a cult dedicated to bringing a god of some sort to earth, and they're going to accomplish it through a regimen of sex, humiliation, and resurrecting the spirits of the headless murder victims. They come to dominate the family, but they also find out that the main character has her own psychic powers when the headless ghosts start killing for her. And then the woman does a bad musical number shortly after a detective has his head twisted at her behalf. Meanwhile, the psychic reveals that the brother is innocent and the killer is a woman... or maybe more than one woman. Soon, a secret task force is watching the family through their television set. The woman in the task force speaks English (more or less), likes large guns and sings "The Star Spangled Banner." It all culminates in a running karate battle that includes axes, baseball bats and a scalping when the brother shows up, and that monster-god is coming... "Crazy Lips" is played for black humor as much as shock value. It's very much in the vein of Takashi Miike's "Visitor Q," and people who couldn't stomach that notorious flick should probably avoid "Crazy Lips" as well. The narrative style is bizarre, twisting and turning like some kind of half-lucid nightmare. There's a good deal of graphic violence, though much is left to the viewer's imagination via the strategic use of red flashes at key moments of potential gore (which is in limited supply in this film). There's also a lot of sexual innuendo and somewhat graphic sex scenes, so this is definitely not one for those who are shocked senseless by things like a mother and daughter holding their second daughter in place while forcing her to have sex with a dead man hanging by a noose. You have been warned! If you can tolerate that sort of thing, though, "Crazy Lips" is a very good reality-gone-mad flick. It's not quite as well-done, nor as graphic, as "Visitor Q," but definitely worth a watch by those who enjoy watching things melt in a hallucinatory fashion.

Brian Seitzman
Brian Seitzman

"Crazy" is a fairly apt description of this film. What starts and feels like an unexceptional and predictable horror film continues to defy narrative expectations by taking one weird turn after another. Not that this makes the film terrific by any means, but it certainly kept me engaged enough to keep watching. The director was clearly influenced by Twin Peaks and David Lynch, and not all in good ways.

Steve K
Steve K

Super Reviewer

Crazy is definitely an understatement here. I feel sorry for the folks who rented this because of the cover of the DVD stating that it's from the same folk who brought you The RIng, Ju-on and Audition, because this is a bizarre, bizarre film. A mother and 2 sisters seek the help of a psychic couple to prove that their brother hasn't followed their father's footsteps and become a murderer. Sounds fairly straight forward huh? Add to that kung fu, necrophilia, rape, a musical number, sexy dancing newscasters and lots of weirdness and most folks would be throwing their remote at the TV. Not me though, I quite dug it. Sure it's strange, but it's consistently entertaining and certainly unpredictable to say the least. Now I got to watch the sequel, Gore From Outer Space!

Christopher  Brown
Christopher Brown

Super Reviewer

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