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February 7, 2009
:fresh: [CENTER]It does feel like a documentary in this TV series.[/CENTER]
February 1, 2007
I was sort of feeling sick this past weekend, but luckily I had purchased [i]Extras[/i], and had gotten [i]Creature Comforts[/i] from Netflix, and not so luckily Mr. Rat had been given [i]Lady in the Water[/i] to watch from one of his friends.

[i]Extras[/i] is a very, very funny show. I adore Ashley Jensen as the bubbleheaded Maggie (she's also great on [i]Ugly Betty[/i], and I hope she gets more screen time on that show soon). The best celebrity cameo is actually a toss-up between Kate Winslet (dishing out phone sex advice and trying desperately to finally win an Oscar by doing a Holocaust film) and Patrick Stewart (his screenplay consists of a James Bond-type character with Professor Xavier's mental powers, to be played by Stewart himself, who basically just makes ladies clothes fall off so he can take a peek).

[i]Creature Comforts[/i], which was a series featuring stop-motion animated animals over interviews given by everyday British people on a variety of topics, is very clever, hilarious, and sweet. Wallace and Gromit fans must see this show.

[i]Lady in the Water[/i] is ridiculous. Totally. Paul Giamatti is good, as he usually is, but the rest of the movie is, frankly, retarded. There's not much else to say that hasn't already been said by all the scathing reviews of this film. Bad. Really bad.
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