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November 25, 2015
Before Don Siegel did crime classics like Dirty Harry, he was Donald Siegel and he did some crime thrillers. This one was pretty solid, with uneven monologues from juvenile delinquents and the people trying to set them on the straight path. The movie is mostly build up, but it does have an emotionally satisfying ending.
December 16, 2012
No poster? so rude. I almost cried at the end. "Richie! You're my brother...I love you! Ahh so geat. So this kid Richie, a lousy good for nothing hood, wants to kill a man who slapped em. But does he have what it'll just have to find out. Don't mind the corny voice over.
October 14, 2012
Familiar juvenile delinquent story is made better than average by a fine cast that includes John Cassavetes, Sal Mineo, James Whitmore and future director Mark Rydell. Tight, tough direction from the always reliable Don Siegel also helps the film rise above it's unoriginal script and modest budget.
July 11, 2012
Perhaps I'm overrating it a bit but Cassavetes is really good in it and Siegel makes the most of the tiny budget and limited sets.
½ May 8, 2012
Pretty much the only reason to watch this is for Cassavetes. Stereotypical gang flick from the 50's.
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May 8, 2012
this is the usual concrete jungle/wild in the streets teenage delinquent drama, aside from cassavetes' intense performance, still a few years away from making his own films
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½ September 27, 2011
Once you get past the stellar title sequence you'll probably spend most of the 90-minute running time wanting something very bad to happen to John Cassavettes' character. Crime in the Streets starts off kind of promising but it quickly turns into a Rebel Without Cause/Blackboard Jungle copycat with none of the charisma.
June 17, 2011
Despite Don Siegel's solid direction, the moody black and white cinematography, and an intense early performance by John Cassavetes, it all adds up to a rather shrill juvenile delinquent melodrama due to a script full of ham-fisted messages and characters that are thin caricatures. Even Franz Waxman's boisterous jazz score is overbearing. A surprisingly annoying disappointment.
April 1, 2011
Studio bound 50's social problem flick with John Cassavetes as a youth gang leader tormented by inner demons, and kindly James Whitmore as the social worker trying to turn him around. Good acting, with powerful direction from Don Siegel, but the obvious studio setting is unrealistic and the photography isn't much better than the TV standard of the day.
½ September 1, 2010
When this movie started, with an amazing credit sequence of juvenile street violence and the words "and introducing John Cassavetes", I got excited. The excitement wore off fast. Amazingly, Cassavetes is one of the film's biggest problems. At age 27 (and looking 40), he's far too old to play 18 convincingly. Worse than that is his overblown performance, as if he were trying to earn some extra credit at the James Dean College of Intense Brooding. Either that or the Richard Widmark School of Psychotic Outbursts. The city block sets look especially cheap, and the film feels dated, more so than most noirs. The story was originally produced for television, and you can definitely tell. It's a lot of moralistic hand-wringing over the fate of our children, with very little nuance. There's a few interesting moments, Sal Mineo and Mark Rydell are terrific as Cassavetes' sidekicks, the Franz Waxman score is exciting, and the cinematography is quite good. Unfortunately, it's still a dud, and shows little of the Don Siegel greatness that would make The Lineup so special a couple of years down the road.
July 30, 2010
A different type of look at a youth gang in New York. It takes it's time to explore what causes these gangs to form instead of moralizing on how bad the kids are these days. Makes for a refreshing viewing, and Cassavetes and Mineo help a lot to. Good stuff that doesn't take the easy way out.
July 2, 2010
Crime in the Streets is a mid 50's film about a rebellious young gang that decide that must murder a man that fingered one of their gang members for carrying a gun. The plot is pretty thin and it's clearly stretched further than it should be. The performances are great, and that somewhat makes up for the thin plot, but you get the feeling that this would have been more efficient had it been 30 minutes shorter.

It's not a must see by any stretch, but if you're a fan of "Rebel Without a Cause" or other rebellious flicks of 50's this one is worth watching. Just don't expect anything great outside of the performances of James Whitmore and John Cassavetes.
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July 2, 2010
No poster? so rude. I almost cried at the end. "Richie! You're my brother...I love you! Ahh so geat. So this kid Richie, a lousy good for nothing hood, wants to kill a man who slapped em. But does he have what it'll just have to find out. Don't mind the corny voice over.
July 1, 2010
all star cast many from the superior "asphalt jungle"
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