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A tough-as-steel old CIA agent is forcibly retired for being a dangerously loose cannon. Later, he tires of watching treacherous gangsters making monkeys out of the secret intelligence organization and so teams up with two fellow Vietnam vets to keep the villains from selling arms and aircraft to the Arabs.
Action & Adventure , Drama , Mystery & Suspense
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I think the reviews I've read for "The Crime Killer" have been highly over-rated, though none of them have been good. This movie truly makes Ed Wood's "Plan Nine From Outer Space" look like "Gone With the Wind". Let's put it in easy terms...the lead character "Zeus", a detective, not the God, is a master of in one scene, he dawns a cheap straw hat and pretends to be a Mexican gardener, with a very thick Greek accent...he gets beaten up, which is probably deserved at this point, just for the acting. The movie, as ordered, has been cut horribly, and the plot itself has vanished due to some pretty bad cutting. There is a longer version apparently, with outtakes, which is probably more entertaining, or at least makes some sense of what Mr. "PanAndreas" tried to do with this flick. Redeeming feathers, and I am biased as I worked on this film, are: Brandon Lee's first role in a movie, very short, maybe three seconds, and uncredited (will listed as uncredited) on Mr. Lee's bio page, though credited in the movie. June Wallace Kean and Sean Paul Kean (okay, ex-wife and my son), and a very brief, but badly cut, scene with Ike Willis, singer and guitar player for Frank Zappa. I worked on this movie, put actors in it, and was never paid (yeah, go figure), and, unfortunately, my name is listed as "Prop Master". I remember doing the movie, but the version that came out in '85 has very little left in it that I remember. It's been cut to death. The longer version would probably be far more fun to watch, as it has the outtakes. George PanAndreas was, for those of you who don't recognize his picture, the kidnapper of Laura in the General Hospital series when Luke and Laura were popular. He's very well known in Greece, but no so much in the United States. By the way, if you are really masochistic, I believe there might be a sequel. Donn Kean

Donn Kean
Donn Kean

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