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Crimes of the Heart Quotes

  • Babe Magrath: You know, Chick's hated us ever since we had to move here from Dixieville to live here with old grandmamma and old granddaddy.
    Meg Magrath: Well, she's an idiot.
    Babe Magrath: Yeah. You know what she said to me this mornin' when I was still behind bars and couldn't get away?
    Meg Magrath: What?
    Babe Magrath: She told me how embarrassin' it was for her all those years ago. You know, when mama...
    Meg Magrath: Yeah, down in the cellar.
    Babe Magrath: She said that our mama had shamed the entire family and that we were known notoriously all through Hazelhurst. Then she went on to say how I would now be gettin' just as much bad publicity and humillatin' her and the family all over again.

  • Chick Boyle: So, Rebecca, what are you gonna tell Mr. Lloyd about shootin' Zachery, uh, what are your reasons gonna be?
    Babe Magrath: That I didn't like his looks. That I didn't like his stinkin' looks! I don't like yours either, Chickie stick. So leave me alone and I mean it. Just leave me alone.
    Chick Boyle: Uh! Well! I was tryin' to warm her that she is gonna have to help herself. She just doesn't seem to have any idea how serious this situation is, now does she? She doesn't have the vaguest idea.
    Lenny Magrath: Well, it's true. She does seen... confused.
    Chick Boyle: That is puttin' it mildly, Lennie honey. That is puttin' it mighty mild.

  • Babe Magrath: I don't know what's happenin' to Lennie.
    Meg Magrath: What do you mean?
    Babe Magrath: Well, she's turned into old grandmama
    Meg Magrath: You think so?
    Babe Magrath: Well, more and more. Look there. She's even taken to wearin' old grandmama's torn sun hat and her lime green garden gloves. Lennie works out in the garden wearin' the lime green gloves of a dead woman.

  • Meg Magrath: (last lines) Oh, how I do love birthday cake.
    Meg Magrath: Oh, how I do love birthday cake.

  • Uncle Watson: Well, honey, umm, I don't know about that.
    Chick Boyle: Well, they will, and they'll leave you there in rot!

  • Meg Magrath: So how are these things with you, Babe?
    Chick Boyle: Well, things are dismal if you want my opinion. She's refusin' to cooperate with her lawyer, that's nice lookin' young Lioyd Boy, and she won't tell any of us why she's committed this crime.
    Babe Magrath: Oh look! Lennie brought my saxophone from home and my suitcase. Thank you.
    Lenny Magrath: You're welcome.
    Babe Magrath: Meg, look at my saxophone. Went to Jackson and it brought it used. It's so heavy.
    Chick Boyle: Now listen, Rebecca, that lawyer wants to concrete answers. No more stubborness or they're gonna put you in jail and throw away the key. Isn't that right, daddy? Won't they just put her in jail and throw away the key?

  • Chick Boyle: Annie. May you be sure to defrost that chicken for supper and there's a can of Vienna sausages in the cupboard for your lunch and you give peanut butter and jelly to those children.
    Annie May Jenkins: Yes, ma'am.

  • Meg Magrath: Why'd you do it, Babe ? Why'd you put your head in the oven?
    Babe Magrath: Because I don't know... I'm havin' a bad day.

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