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November 3, 2012
Have seen it many times since the first time I saw it in the theater. Still one of those movies that if I am relaxing on the couch I can start watching it at any point.
Watched the complete movie tonight on DVD. Some of the best parts of the movie are when Hackman and Washington are going toe to toe. Great actors!
October 27, 2012
Great film - well put together & with a very important message behind it
October 20, 2012
A clash of the Titans with great actors denzel and gene, they are certainly the Icing on this epic story
½ October 11, 2012
Not as good as Red October but captures the claustrophobic life in a submarine. One of Denzel's bests.
½ September 23, 2012
Watched the movie after the demise of Tony Scott. While the movie has a very compact plot it explores the whole world within itself. With Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman both complementing each other brilliantly the movie is fast paced and exciting to watch. You will be thrilled to watch this one.
September 19, 2012
One of the finest Sub thrillers. Gene and Denzel are awesome as adversaries! Great dialogues. This is not a disaster movie but certainly feels like it. Keeps you hanging for every word and action they take. And what's best about the movie is it tackles the philosophical point of view of a grey subject. Nobody's right or wrong. That probably gives this movie the niche on other thrillers out there.
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½ September 19, 2012
Where would we all be without the good US of A to save the world at the drop of a hat huh. This time its the proud US Navy that gets to show us their stuff and stop those pesky Russians once again, darn pesky Russians.

A Bruckheimer/Simpson production and boy can you tell, a veritable feast for the eyes with the standard graphic novel-like adaptation imagery that looks glossy, sharp and always exciting (with the assistance of some guy called Michael Bay). All together these three guys created some memorable action flicks that really are the true meaning of blockbuster.

'Crimson Tide' is no exception, well maybe one small exception, and that's the fact this film is probably the most sensible, realistic action flick they've created. Now if you will, this is my little videogame analogy of these flicks. Most of the Bruckheimer/Simpson flicks are what I would call 'arcade' type action flicks, they're big, loud, flashy and give plenty of bang for your buck.
'Crimson Tide' is more of a 'simulator' action flick in the simple fact its more realistic with deeper tension. This of course would be down to the brilliant direction of Ba...errr Scott who knows his way around a good looking military action flick.

So in short the visuals here are crisp, smoky and sweat inducing in nice shades of green, blue and red. Life aboard a sub has been created seriously well and you really get that tight feeling as the camera peers down steel tubes and stairwells. Despite the fact almost the entire film takes place in the sub you never once lose interest as we go from action stations against Russian subs to one mutiny after another as Washington faces off against Hackman.

This of course leads me to the cast which is really superb here. Even the small fry roles played by small fry character actors are decent. The big guns naturally fire on all cylinders, Hackman is pretty intimidating as the sub Captain whilst Washington easily gains your support as the 'good guy' of sorts. Supporting roles are also solid with Gandolfini in his usual slightly nasty persona, the guy who likes to make his presence known, and Mortensen as the guy torn between his captain and friend.

Nice early build up into the film as we gather the crew and see what each are like. There isn't too much in special effects either as most of the action is simply viewing the crew and sub innards as each suspenseful situation looms, kicks off and passes. Brave move that pays off as you would expect lots of fancy CGI sequences. Finally a stirring moving bold musical score to really bring home the seriousness and heroism of the story...less you forget this is an AMERICAN military thriller damn it!!

So end of the day yes you know how it will all end, pretty obvious of course. You know which man will stand tall and victorious by the end credits. You know there will be a change of character by the loser and you know there's bound to be a scene where men get trapped in the bowels of the sub and must be sacrificed to save the rest of the crew. Many typical scenes where the crew must decide who is in charge and if they're doing it the right way, the Navy way, the American way...cue rousing musical score and close ups of sweaty stern jawed faces.

I like to think of this as Scott's grown up follow up to 'Top Gun' (had to mention it). All the hallmarks of a slick military action flick but much more sensible without 80's pop music and male posing. I saw this opening night at the cinema (ye olde 'Warner Village' cinema's) back when I was a young teen and liked it, I still like it now, what more can I say!?.
September 18, 2012
Brilliant Movie! Enjoyed the dialogues.
September 12, 2012
Extremely well done morality play in which there really is no good and bad guy. Or right and wrong. That's what's so intriguing about it. They're both right, they're both wrong.
Add to great, suspenseful story some top notch performances, solid direction and a fantastic script, and this is one of Tony Scott's best. Sure, it has all the Simpson/Bruckheimer hallmarks of 90's action cinema, especially in the music. But it's probably the best of the lot.
½ September 12, 2012
Gripping movie, the thrill ride was awesome.
September 5, 2012
Good movie, very suspenseful and full of non-stop action.
September 2, 2012
nice play on star trek
½ September 1, 2012
When the Cold War kick starts again between USA and Russia, a US nuclear submarine USS Alabama is sent to the naval frontlines. The Captain Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman) is a seasoned seafox, who has been around enough to have actually been in combat, while his new second-in-command Lt. Commander Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington) is more by the book and subtle towards his command. When the actual order to fire nuclear weapons is given, things get very complicated...

Submarine movies aren't very common. The story really doesn't have room to move and the character build is near impossible. "Crimson Tide" doesn't care for that and it sets it's story on pure suspence of a simple idea: we need hear a message, but the radio is broken. We have to fix the radio, but the time is running out. Then add mutiny and the power struggle between the leaders of the boat and you're done. Nearly 2 hours of quality entertainment.

Overall "Crimson Tide" paints the picture of the big what-if: what if we could be once again from a press of a button to a total nuclear annihilation? That storyline is equally terrifying and interesting and with the battle of wits between the Captain and the XO the movie is entertaining to watch, even towards the un-surprising ending.
August 30, 2012
Make no mistake, as much of an "intelligent" movie Crimson Tide claims to be... This movie is pretty ridiculous. Some reviews state that it makes you think about which side of the mutiny in the film you would take for hours... But I can only imagine that debate being as exciting as the one between George Costanza and Mike the bookie over whose claim to a parking spot in front of Jerry Seinfelds building being... Which isn't too intelligent. Don't get me wrong, Tony Scott lays on the action drama heavily with a powerful Hans Zimmer score that nuclear warfare requires... And does a great job making tension. But believing that the captains of a nuclear submarine are THIS juvenile? That's just gullibility from the audience. This is definitely a man's movie. And one where men watch it and act intellectual after seeing it. But it's still entertaining. And Gene Hackman always excels in his later career. And most importantly,,,, this was Tony Scotts first time working with Denzel.... Dawn of an era...
August 29, 2012
"One of my favorite movies of all-time!!"
August 28, 2012
Denzel Washington, Gene hackman and supporting cast do a masterful job. Highly recommend seeing this movie.
August 25, 2012
Tony Scott's best film. R.I.P.
August 24, 2012
Tony Scott-the unbeatable action director, one and the only one!!
½ August 20, 2012
Variety called this a "Boy's movie all the way". For one of a handful of times in Scott's career, this is a very good thing.

½ August 19, 2012
In my opinion, this is one of the most under-rated movies of the 90s. It profoundly speaks of the frail reality in the nuclear world we live in today. I think this is some of Gene Hackman's best work. It's interesting to see Tony Scotts earlier films. Scotts music video visual style so different now than what it was back when he directed this. This is definitely a movie worth revisiting. And who doesn't like Denzel Washington? My biggest complaint is the ending. Though it's still satisfying in a way, it's a bit abrupt and short-lived. It felt like they were trying to wrap it up a little too quickly and more could have been spoken about the aftermath of what their 'situation' could have caused. For an 'action' movie, most of the action takes place on the submarine with intense dialogue. The actions scenes are more about onscreen tension than explosions, but you'll be disappointed if you're expecting Die Hard. It's not that kind of movie. Strangely enough though, it feels just as intense as any conventional 'action' movie. Here's a fun fact; Quentin Tarantino did some script re-write work on this movie. All the nerdy Star Trek and Silver Surfer references that you heard in the movie came from him! Pretty fun stuff.

Also as a side-note, the sound as well as Hans Zimmer's score in this film is outstanding. You FEEL it as tensions escalates. On a technical level, this movie is top notch, especially given the date it was made. Roger Ebert criticized that the submarine scenes looked too much like it was shot in a bath tub. I've seen so many heavy CG movies in the past decade that I almost find the effects from this movie are given a different realistic quality than the heavy CG movies that I've been seeing recently. It's hard to explain, I guess theirs something more 'organic' about miniatures that haven't yet been replicated in current CG. I revisited Total Recall recently too and felt the same way on some of their effects shots. An exploding head done in CG would not have looked the same with the prosthetics that were used back in the day. It creepily has more of a 'physical presence' on screen rather than a digitally composited one. Even if it looks like a toy, it looks like it's actually there. It's hard to explain, you'll just have to see it for yourself. Feel free share your thoughts on my wordy first review.
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