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½ December 27, 2012
pretty good coming of age tale with turtle from 'entourage'
June 12, 2011
awesome coming of age tail follows 4 childhood friends as they begin to try to make their mark in the world ones an artist one tries out for the Mets, etc. well acted
May 31, 2011
Larry Golin's Cross Bronx will not win any points in the originality department, but what it does do is give a collection of young actors a chance to really shine.
August 30, 2008
I can't be the only one who saw this movie??? First review on Facebook? I know I picked it up for the obvious Bronx connection, and wouldnt have heard about it otherwise.. But Wow, this movie was too good to not be noticed..

Ok, short version of the movie is about 4 high school seniors who end up living in a dumpy Bathgate Avenue apartment...

They all have different goals in life - One wants to be a NY Met (Go Mets), one wants to get a wrestling scholarship, one wants to be a painter and one (Turtle from the HBO show Entourage) wants to stay out of the "family" (Mafia) business, but still make money..

Obviously there's obstacles to them, but they grow up and apart... And its really an interesting story with some GREAT Bronx scenery...

The movie feels like an updated version of my favorite Bronx movie "The Wanderers" (without all the gangs -- No Ducky Boys or Fordham Baldies tho..)

I enjoyed it... Its worth renting... I may actually buy it...

One thing that bothers me is the cover art for the movie...I know Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from Entourage) is probably the most famous of the actors in there, but to make his face so huge on the movie box is just not right... He's a big part of the movie, but the other actors are just as important and they didnt make the box art... And while there is one crime in there, there were no bullets fired, so that bullet hole on the box is also misleading.. And there were no cops or crime scene tape anywhere in the movie, so thats also bad...

But the box art is my only complaint... Go see the movie -- its good and its Bronx-related...

And hopefully someone can explain why its called Cross Bronx, when the highway isn't really a part of it...Its close, but not related...
August 6, 2008
Great movie just watch it and tell me you think it was worth the time
½ August 6, 2008
Wonderful coming of age story during present time of 4 high-school boys in the Bronx in their Senior year - - outstanding performances - visually interesting - HOWEVER the audio on the DVD was of SUCH poor quality we were missing dialog (and no subtitles - however shouldn't have to even be looking for them in order to hear!!) We cranked up the volume VERY high and the dialog was still so low and muted and muffled. We bought this DVD too - cuz boyfriend grew up in the Bronx. So good movie but big warning on the audio. (hopefully it's since been corrected)
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