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April 26, 2016
Steenburgen saves this tiring drama about a writer and her days on an orange grove.
October 24, 2015
Cross Creek is a simple but intriguing and inspirational tale of a woman's journey to self discovery with two excellent supporting peroformances (torn and woodard), enchanting visuals and playful score
June 20, 2015
A nice drama with great performances from Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn, Alfre Woodward, and Dana Hill. Great costumes, score, cinematography, and sound too
October 15, 2014
Cross Creek, based on the memoirs of The Yearling author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, offers a sanitized vision of her early struggle to publish a novel and the Florida backwoods which inspired her prose. A stellar performance by Rip Torn just about keeps the saccharine level at bay.
June 15, 2012
Would like to see this
October 15, 2011
I found it real and authentic. Well worth the time.
½ March 21, 2011
Great performances by Steenburgen, Coyote and Torn, along with some beautiful cinematography make this biopic an interesting experience, even if you have never read any of Rawlings' work.
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½ January 26, 2011
Fine rendering of Marjorie Rawlings autobiographical novel. The material is well handled by Ritt an erratic director who produced most of his best work when it had a southern feel to it. Excellent work from two very good actresses, Mary Steenburgen and Dana Hill and a great one, Alfre Woodard. Rip Torn gives one of his most well judged performances keeping the ham that occasionally slips into his acting out of his work here.
November 25, 2010
A very real, personal story, biographical of the author of The Yearling and Jacob's Ladder. The acting is very good, the characters are very likable.
½ September 5, 2009
Majorie Rawlings, excellent movie.
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February 5, 2009
nominated for best picture by NBR
December 1, 2008
I found this movie to be quite enjoyable. The history behind the lives of those who lived on the river and the hardships they faced was authentic. The scenery was beautiful. The story was enthrawling. The actors were superb. I would recommend this movie.
½ October 31, 2008
Better than your average 'Hallmark' presentation.
October 26, 2008
It is a very good movie,Rip Torn was very good also Mary and Alfre.
September 1, 2008
Sweet little film that moves well enough, but in the end is really about little
½ August 6, 2008
great movie even better than the Yearling
July 27, 2008
Nice Saturday afternoon or rainy day movie. Was surprised how much I loved it.
July 3, 2008
Love bio-pics, but good Lord gracious me this was slow-goin'! And dude, when Bambi got shot - NOT COOL!
½ July 1, 2008
Very good movie with Alfre Woodard and Mary Steenburgen.
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