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Crossfire Quotes

  • Leroy: He wants to see you, Monty. He asked me to tell ya he wants to see you. Honest, I didn't know whether I ought to tell you or not, you don't want to get mixed up in anything more than you are, but he was acting crazy Monty. He gave me a crazy thing to tell you. He said to tell you the necktie wasn't any good. What'd he mean by that Monty?

  • Capt. Finlay: Well hate, Monty's kind of hate, is like a gun. If you carry it around with you it can go off and kill somebody. It killed Samuels last night.

  • Sgt. Peter Kelley: You've got a mind like a dog catcher.

  • Ginny Tremaine: Ha, sure I know - I remind you of your sister.
    Arthur Mitchell: You remind me of my wife.

  • Ginny Tremaine: Drink up and be nice.

  • Joseph Samuels: It's worse at night, isn't it? I think maybe it's suddenly not having a lot of enemies to hate anymore. Maybe it's because for four years now we've been focusing our mind on -- on one little peanut. The win the war peanut. That was all; get it over! Eat that peanut. [he eats and swallows the peanut] All at once, no peanut. Now we start looking at each other again. We don't know what we're supposed to do - we don't know what's supposed to happen. We're too used to fighting, but we just don't know what to fight. You can feel the tension in the air. A whole lot of fight, and hate, that doesn't know where to go. A guy like you, maybe, starts hating himself. Well - one of these days maybe we'll all learn to shift gears. Stop hating and start liking things again. Eh.

  • Capt. Finlay: I'm not interested in philosophy, I'm trying to solve a murder.

  • Monty Montgomery: Oh, you know. Some of them are named - Samuels, some of them have got funnier names.
    Monty Montgomery: Oh, you know. Some of them are named Samuels. Some of them have got funnier names.

  • Capt. Finlay: All I'm asking for is facts.

  • Capt. Finlay: Nothing interests me anymore. It used to but not anymore. I've been at this job too long. I go about it the only way I know how; I collect all the facts possible - most of them are useless.

  • Sgt. Peter Kelley: Soldiers don't have anywhere to go, unless you tell'em where to go. When they're off duty they go crawling - or they go crazy.

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