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April 8, 2016
Not just your typical martial arts movie, contains romance, a good intrigue and stunning original fighting scenes
½ March 26, 2016
Master director Ang Lee elevates the wire-fu genre in a charming, character-driven art film.
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March 23, 2016
Despite brilliant action sequences and beautiful scenery, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon suffers from long spurts of lifeless drama consisting of lazily delivered lines and sloppy editing. Also, am I the only one who was annoyed with the random superhuman jumps mid-action?
March 13, 2016
A great dramatic romance and martial arts film. Shot beautifully and very originally choreographed.
March 9, 2016
A world where goodness, righteousness and foulness all get mixed into one: a tale with the makings of the real world. Albeit with some martial feats that are easily deemed outerworldly.
March 6, 2016
It takes few films to actually blow me away. Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon is such a beautiful kung fu/martial arts adventure with gorgeous action, impressive cinematography and multi layered drama to make director Ang Lee's best film.
February 29, 2016
I maintain a short list of movies that are 'critic filters'. This means I permanently disregard/block a critic that does not like films on the list. Others include 'Hoop Dreams', original 'Star Wars', 'Forbidden Planet', 'Breaking The Waves'. A rotten review of such films suggests to me that the critic is a) unable to overcome their preconceptions/prejudices about said film/filmmaker or b) are unable to understand the film and its place in the historical context of the industry. Maybe a bit of both. Regardless, their opinion veers so askew to mine as to be unrelatable. CT, HD is on that list. #FilmHubrisForever
February 28, 2016
Was this a good movie? Sure. It's a Hollywood blockbuster version of a Chinese movie. There are tons of these if you bothered to watch any of the older ones. There's really nothing new or original about this movie.
February 21, 2016
love it!! Worried the new one will be too westernized in plot and filming technique
February 8, 2016
I saw this movie when it first came out at the young age of 11. I just didn't understand the artistry and how truly beautiful this film is. Director Ang Lee brings about one of the most successful martial arts films ever released. The movie is about a young woman named Jen Yu (Ziyi Zhang) the governors daughter who is about to be married to another powerful political ally. She has a different side to her though and is really a martial artist waiting in wait to reveal herself. She plans on stealing an Ancient Sword called the Green Destiny which has just been given to the leader of the area Jen is in by the legendary warrior Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat). Li Mu Bai is giving up the warrior life style to become a monk after having a dream that he cannot shake away. Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) is a fellow warrior who has feelings for Li Mu Bai, but because of their life styles they can never act upon them. When Jen Yu steals the sword its up to Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien to get the Green Destiny back and also to uncover a much bigger plot. I know this all sounds confusing as hell, but the movie actually has a pretty good pace. It sets up the story and even has a very nice back story to Jen Yu that explains a bit more about her. The martial arts in this film are fantastic. It has a lot of fantasy elements to it (people are damn near flying at times), but it just comes fast and quick with a lot of entertainment. I would say overall because this was shot in a specific style a lot of the meaning behind things are lost to us Western viewers. The ending may blow a lot of people's minds because it is not what you would expect after the climax of the film. The film came out 16 years ago, so some CGI parts (which are few since the movie used CGI sparingly) look very dated. Overall, a great film thats shot well and it's really a movie I have a better appreciation for now. If you've never seen it check it out!
January 23, 2016
I must learn the ways of karate!
January 17, 2016
In ever sense of the word, a masterpiece.
January 13, 2016
It's an interesting movie with impressive aesthetics, but some of the special effects involving jumps are annoying and key parts of the storyline are painfully predictable.
½ December 31, 2015
Enthralling story which perfectly captures the struggle for autonomy and authentic existence any of us face.
½ December 7, 2015
An exhilarating, beautifully photographed and acted fairy tale and action flick
November 22, 2015
Amazing direction from Ang Lee, with astonishing action sequences and a nice story
½ August 31, 2015
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon finds itself dragging at times, notably in the second act, but beautiful direction and breathtaking fight scenes more than make up for its shortcomings.
August 6, 2015
Best asian martial arts film ever made
August 2, 2015
6/5. Even after 15 years, few other films have come close this perfection of action, romance, and tragedy
½ July 31, 2015
Beautifully shot with effective martial arts action, Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an astonishing adventure of bravery and love!
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