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March 2, 2017
A fast-paced, hyper-violent cult favorite, "The Crow" adds up to a "Death Wish"-style vigilante revenge flick with a supernatural twist, an unexpected amount of humor, and visuals that look like they're from a 90s punk rock music video.
February 12, 2017
Super cool movie and I still listen to the soundtrack.
½ January 29, 2017
Haunting, and full of aesthetic appeal and meaningful relationships. Worth watching for sure!
½ January 21, 2017
Probably would have liked it more if I watched it 7 or 8 years ago, but I definitely thought it was good.
½ January 14, 2017
The Crow is directed by Alex Proyas, and it stars Brandon Lee and Ernie Hudson in a dark fantasy action adaptation of the comic book with the same name about a rock and roll man that came out of the grave and is avenging himself and his girlfriend by going after the guys that killed him and his girlfriend. I remember this movie from my young years to now because my mom has a copy of the film that's on VHS, even though I don't have a VHS receiver anymore, and my mom has a tattoo of the logo of the film. There's a remake going on development which I don't think is a good idea because this movie made an impact with lots of people that watch this as the film that made Brandon Lee famous, while also sadly making this his last after the accident that happened. So after watching this for the first time, it's a little better than when my friend kept mentioning Rocky Horror Picture Show, and it's been more than a decade that I know about this movie. Brandon Lee gives a terrific performance that it's really sad to see that this will be the only thing that he's well-known for as he's got the talent and it would've rise up from his career. The visual effects look great as most of it is practical, and the way they tried to film the scenes by putting Brandon's stunt double in while putting CGI on his face to look like him, I seriously thought that Brandon was still in the movie, and it also gives in to his advantage that it always takes place in the dark, so you could hardly tell if that's his stunt double or Brandon Lee himself. The action scenes are fun, and I thought the writing is great, while also being fun too from the bad guys' saying. There were some criticism about the lack of plot, and while I understand about that as it's just a typical revenge story, I was still interested about what's going on, and the dark world that they made also gave the plot more of a benefit to it. The one thing that I do agree with however, is the lack of characterization. The main character has enough of it though, Ernie Hudson's character has some backstory to it, but there wasn't much to Sarah's character, and the main bad guy, I barely know what he's all about other then he's having fun going against Brandon Lee. Other then that though, The Crow is a really great movie that paid its tribute very well to Brandon Lee.
January 11, 2017
I used to watch this film pretty much on repeat as a long haired teenager but it's easy to see why, there's a lot to enjoy here. It captures the grunge-era of the early 90's perfectly and the script is snappy, funny and never particularly too serious. Brandon Lee is great and the tragedy of his on-set death obviously helped to catapult this film above mere rental sales. Wincott gets all the best lines though as the the sinister, incestuous baddie, well worth a re-watch.
½ November 27, 2016
Doesn't have a strong plot. Lots of unanswered questions.
½ November 21, 2016
Superb comic book adaptation thanks to a excellent lead performance & brilliant direction by Alex Proyas. With the years putting the distance between Brandon Lee's tragic death on set, one can now appreciate how good his performance was. While Lee had already shown his star ability in previous films (notably the action vehicle "Rapid Fire"), it was this film that truly showed his range, from drama to romance to comedy (he is surprisingly funny in this dark role). It's the kind of performance to makes his death that much more tragic (similar to Heath Ledger after "The Dark Knight") as you were seeing a truly talented actor come into his own with his abilities. Lee does great support from the rest of the cast, with the always reliable Ernie Hudson as the cop helping him while Michael Wincott is sinister as the main villain (add in Tony Todd as his henchman & Bat Ling as his creepy sister/lover/advisor, and you have a pretty formidable enemy). Behind the camera, Alex Proyas adapts James O'Barr's comic superbly, keeping with the style though changing some plot elements (O'Barr reportedly loved it). He mainly keeps the nihilistic atmosphere of the comic, as Eric Draven's mission is purely revenge, even if you could argue killing these criminals would leave the world a better place. The vision of Detroit is strangely gorgeous as well (though probably nicer than Detroit today) and an almost apocalyptic atmosphere to the movie. Overall, one of the best comic adaptations to date, and since it takes place during Halloween, a perfect addition to any October/Halloween rotation.
November 19, 2016
One of the best movies I've ever seen! Loved Brandon Lee in this one.
November 14, 2016
This is a great movie, their talking about rebooting it. I really hope they don't, it will probably be horrible.
November 11, 2016
It's probably the darkest movie I've ever seen, both in theme and tone. The Crow is a film that is stylish, yet somber. However, Brandon Lee's performance is what makes it the classic it's become.
October 31, 2016
Stunning to watch, even after all these years.
October 29, 2016
It's an annual viewing of The Crow, a low-budget film based on a graphic novel by Jay O'Barr ("graphc novel" is what we used to call "comics" back in the day). Starring Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee... it was supposed to be an early film for a young actor who was still learning, and sadly the low-budget included a laxity in safety precautions. Brandon Lee didn't live to see this film, he died from an accident with a prop gun that had enough in the barrel to sever an artery in his abdomen (the scene is NOT in the movie, it was edited out). For those of us of a certain age who had the soundtrack permanently cemented into our car cassette players, this movie is a sentimental journey as well as a great story. Brandon Lee is very good as a very dead Eric Draven, killed the night before his wedding by a bunch of henchmen for one of the most entertainingly evil bosses thought up in a long while (Michael Wincott is as always fantastic). Eric climbs out of his grave a year later, seeking revenge for his murder as well as that of his fiancée, Shelly. He finds he's indestructible, and also manages to reconnect (as much as a dead guy can) with a teen he and Shelly were looking after, a street urchin on a skateboard. Eric also seems to have a large raven who can "see" for him, and is his spirit animal, his connection to the living world as he attempts to get revenge. Guys, if your partner wants you to go as The Crow for Halloween, you're getting laid. Brandon Lee was every Goth girl's dream man (whether we'd admit it or not); he's handsome, and definitely was on his way to a comfortable career as his acting skills, comedic timing, physical dexterity, and commitment to his character are all evident. In a few small parts, he gets to let his mask down and his scenes with Ernie Hudson are really touching. He would've been big as an action star probably, but could've expanded to other things with that face. The soundtrack fits very well with the dark atmosphere and time period this film represents. This is NOT a kiddie flick, it's violent and there is some really disgusting drug use and details that can make adults cringe... This one is for devil's Night, or Halloween for moody teens. At the end of the film is a dedication "To Brandon and Eliza"... Lee and his fiancée in real life were planning their wedding after the movie wrapped. It's still a great movie for its genre... it holds up. The sequels all blow, so avoid them, even if you're an Iggy Pop fan (he must've needed the money !).
October 27, 2016
Stylistic, almost to a fault, but a complete amazing action movie. The revenge story has a dark atmosphere but also a heart. Every action scene is packed to the brim with excitement...and blood. But it's not without its fair share of touching moments. While Ernie Hudson has some great scenes, Brendon Lee steals the show. His performance as the titular vigilante with a wicked sense of humor steals the show, and this film is a wonderful tribute to him. No other movie has been able to replicate it ever since, which is why I love it no matter what.
½ October 15, 2016
The Crow is a crazy fun film led by Brandon Lee on the quest to get revenge for the death of himself and his wife.
½ October 15, 2016
The crow is a vengeance film straight out of a comic book. We see a young couple savagely murdered in their own home by a gang of thugs. The man (roth) is resurrected in order to finished some business the thugs caused to him and his fiancé. This film is definitely a cult film and has a great down to basics comic book plot with the late great brandon roth stealing the show.
September 23, 2016
It's impossible to watch this movie and not think about Heath Ledger as much as Brandon Lee. The resemblance is striking. You also see much of "Dark City" in the production design of Detroit, which has never looked more appealing, for a goth-minded fan. As Ebert wrote, the bizarre reality is the point, not the story, which is simple revenge from the grave. But rarely has such a simple story been shown in such a striking manner.
September 12, 2016
Absolute classic. It can't rain all the time. Great soundtrack, great action, RIP Brandon Lee. That's still some bizarre shit though.
September 10, 2016
A gothic revenge masterpiece with a charismatic and breathtaking lead performance from the late Brandon Lee.
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