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½ April 25, 2016
classic! never gets old
April 25, 2016
this is the best one but there all good movies
March 31, 2016
This is like Bruce Lee meets The Joker (from Batman). This is a dark revenge movie, with some of the best cinematography and personality types of the time (1994). Ultimately, while ending this movie, the main actor dies in real life due to a gunshot. I highly recommend this movie. A+
March 16, 2016
The Crow is a moody, action-packed revenge flick that's also well shot and boasts a killer soundtrack.

V: 79%
March 14, 2016
One of my favourite movies, everything about it is just great.
March 7, 2016
Crappy cgi but awesome gun fights. Really wanna see a remake and trilogy!!
February 17, 2016
the crow is a masterpiece.. its my childhood film it made me a fan of music and film.. R.I.P Brandon lee u were 1 of the greatest and are missed..
February 16, 2016
Classic never gets old. Brandon Lee at his best. The world was going to see an amazing talent. Love this movie.
½ February 6, 2016
Dark, creepy, and eerie are just a few words to describe the wonderful essence that is The Crow. The late Brandon Lee plays into the creepy main role just as well as anyone else can. This is one of te greatest revenge movies you'll ever see.
½ January 30, 2016
Although some of the dialogue is delivered somewhat cheesily, the rest of the movie is a superb master piece, with a great final performance by Brandon Lee.
½ January 23, 2016
not a terribel film. enjoyed it.
January 9, 2016
The Crow is, although unprofessionally said, pretty badass. The coolness of the atmosphere, the grittiness, the Crow's look and feel - it's all breathtakingly cool to behold, and The Crow does a great job at establishing its own amazing universe - which eventually is ruined by sequels.
Former rock guitarist Eric Draven is killed alongside his fiancee by a gritty assassin gang. A year later, on the night before Halloween, he returns donning black and white makeup and an invincibility powered by a crow. Appropriately calling himself The Crow, Draven goes after his fiancee's killers one by one and catching up with old friends and enemies.
The Crow is amazing. Suggested to me by a friend who considers this one of his favorite films, The Crow opens up so many doors for a triumphant trilogy that is plagued by the sudden death of main actor Brandon Lee and some horrible sequels in later years. The Crow is not a superhero film, despite superpowers - it is a gritty, ultra dark action film with a badass main character, and it perfects what it achieves. The Crow as a character isn't the same old vigilante story or an old superhero story - what makes The Crow so great is that he is practically unstoppable and could work perfectly as a hero or a villain, showing Joker-like charms here and there but also a Batman-like vengeance. Lee's performance as The Crow is so spot on and I would have loved to see more of his work. The world of The Crow is like that of Sin City mixed with a little bit of Gotham City - ultra dark, plagued by crime and inefficient police forces but with a dependable yet flawed vigilante hero to save the day. The Crow lays the foundations for coolness - it's gritty, it goes beyond boundaries, it's grungy - it's perfect. But what about those sequels...maybe I should review them, too...
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January 4, 2016
Good film but it spawned so much crap! Perhaps held in such high regard due to the tragic death of Brandon Lee. Nothing like a death to boost the ratings!
½ December 30, 2015
What can be said about The Crow that hasn't been said already it is a masterpiece in atmospheric film making and a crowning achievement in the emotional toll it takes on the viewer. Brandon Lee or as most know him as Bruce Lee's son was a film star before the crow though lower key he had under his belt some action movies but never quite got the the level of his father, He changed the viewers perception of what an action star can do. The cast itself are amazing and divided in how they are played. From the cold as ice Villain to the side splitting side crooks the cast will make you laugh,angry and sad for what goes down. The atmosphere is something i loved in this movie, with a dark look and a moody soundtrack everything from the look of the buildings to the music playing in the background it just isn't the characters giving you chills. As we all know Brandon died during the shoot of this film and i for one and sad for this because this movie would have put him on the map as a tour de force actor. So all in all watch if you can find it , you wont be sorry
½ December 28, 2015
The completely predictable untimely tragic death of Scott Weiland brought me back to The Crow. It came out when I was 13 or 14 years old, and at the time I related more to the rock star killing machine main character. Over twenty years later and I relate much more to Ernie Hudson's character. In fact, if rewatching this movie has taught me anything it is that Ernie Hudson is a great actor who probably deserved/s more lead roles.

1994 was an interesting year, and the film is in many ways a product of its time. The special effects leave something to be desired, but the movie is still slick, and looks great, particularly the explosions, fire scenes, and grotesque presumptuously justified serial-killer-like acts of vengeance that Brandon Lee inflicts on a group of Detroit scum bags. Another sign of the times is that there is a lot of cigarette smoking in the film, but an effort is made to let the audience know that smoking is bad. It's as if big tobacco was holding on to their influence but just about to lose grip.

The Crow works because it takes a lot of the rebirth/revenge material that worked great in Robocop and makes it new. Specifically, there is a great structure of villains in this movie. The mid-range villains did the dirty deed, but by the end of the movie, the evil is exposed up to the top, and each level of villain is well cast and dies an appropriate death.

Another note, The Crow features two of my favorite character actors, Tony Todd (Candyman) and John Polito (Miller's Crossing). They are both usually worth watching, and this film is no exception.

20 years later, this movie is still fresh, and has a lot to offer. Brandon Lee had a real stage presence, and used unlimited-round-filled-double-pistols as well as anyone this side of JCVD. It's a damn shame that we couldn't have seen more of his films. In case you're looking for something else of his to watch, go for Rapid Fire or Showdown in Little Tokyo - don't even bother with Laser Mission...seriously.
December 2, 2015
Amazing cinematography with awesome effects, great acting and a convincing plot. A great comic book movie
November 29, 2015
This is an enjoyable movie for what it is. A fine action revenge flick. The acting is ok, the story lacks a little but overall is an entertaining movie.
November 25, 2015
It can't rain all of the time.

There is a story that the soul is taken to heaven by crows, but sometimes, when something awful happened to the soul before it dies, the crow can let the soul return to Earth. When a couple in love are raped and murdered the soul of the man is brought back to life to obtain revenge on the men responsible for his death.

"Sometimes the crow can bring that soul back to make the wrong things right."

Alex Proyas, director of Dark City; I, Robot; Knowing; Garage Days; and the upcoming Gods of Egypt, delivers The Crow. The storyline for this picture presents some unique elements for the genre. The action scenes are well done and the acting is entertaining. The cast includes Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, Tony Todd, Anna Levine, Michael Wincott, and Bai Ling.

"Is that gasoline I smell?"

These were all recently added to Netflix so I added the series. I always enjoyed the first film in this series that has some added quality due to the Brandon Lee nostalgia tied to it (likely his best film). This isn't perfect, but fun in a Punisher or Spawn kind of way. I recommend giving this a viewing for fans of action pictures.

"I feel like a little worm on a big hook."

Grade: B+/A-
November 22, 2015
A comic book hero for goths. The crow lives in an odd place where the sun doesn't come up and there is always steam coming from the pavements, some thermal area of Iceland I presume. The soundtrack is very prominent and everything about this film screams cult but it appears on surprisingly few lists of cult films. What struck me the most was how much of this film has been ripped off by Christopher Nolan for his dark knight. I mean take a look at the flaming silhouette of the crow then look at the front cover of the dark knight, and that is just for starters. This film though, is pretty poor, but then I'm not a disaffected American teenager in the 90's who wears black make-up so what do I know.
November 11, 2015
A dark tale of revenge after Eric Draven and Shelly Webster are mercilously killed by a gang of thugs on Devil's Night, the night before were due to get married. Told by the young friend (Sarah) whom Eric and Shelly have adopted due to their drug addicted mother neglecting her, Eric comes back and seeks revenge on each thug one by one when he rises from the dead, a year after his slaying. Brilliantly acted by Lee with a great performance by Michael Wincott as the heinous Top Dollar (the boss of the thugs) this is one film not to be missed.
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