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September 3, 2012
I see this an I was like wow this is crazy similar to the things ive read about him, I liked the movie alot, im normally not picky with horror films but the person who played allister did good playing him anybody who likes occult horror films would love this
June 30, 2012
Fun. Pacing is all over the place. A bit convoluted, but worth watching if you don't have high expectations.
½ December 10, 2011
While not a great film by any means, Crowley is a somewhat original and fun piece of horror cinema that tells the story of virtual reality experiments that allow magician, occultist, and Modernist weirdo Aleister Crowley to transfer his spirit to a professor in the present. He, of course, quickly resumes a project to bring about the end of days. Featuring brutal deaths, orgies, and black magic, Crowley is a highly entertaining, somewhat creepy, and hilarious horror romp that will most likely delight fans of such genre fare.
December 5, 2010
Unusual... to say the least.

Simon Callow provides a fearless performance as the "reincarnation" of Aleister Crowley. The kind of performance that would make (or break) his career had it been in a film that anybody had actually seen.

Bruce Dickinson (of Heavy Metal group, IRON MAIDEN fame) has co-written a script that most people, (unfamiliar with Crowley)... could probably NOT follow (or would even want to). This perhaps, goes a long way in explaining why so few people saw this film.

The writer(s) are obviously quite familiar with the historical Crowley and use the tales of his legendary depravity well enough in the film..... but it's difficult to convey the complex essense of the real man in a film where a fictitious portrayal to the "uninitiated viewer"... could only be received as "incredulously" at best.

If you have NO idea who Crowley was, then this film will probably seem unbelievably strange, depraved, offensive and overly excessive to you...

If you DO know about Crowley and his colourful history... well, most likely you'll probably be angered, annoyed and not just a bit disappointed, dismissing it as a fanciful and offensive work.

I know enough about Crowley to be intrigued... but don't care enough to be offended... so I'm somwhere in the middle.

Approach this film with caution.
½ September 11, 2010
All Hail the Beast.....
February 23, 2010
Synopsis: Aleister Crowley's soul is inserted in the body of a college professor, who knew Crowley as a youth, during a virtual reality experiment gone awry. Crowley then proceeds to make sure he is reborn with his occult knowledge into a new body.

The actor playing Crowley (Simon Callow) is a revelation
Good Cinematography.

Hokey Story
Weak Performances
Forced Iron Maiden

Final Analysis: Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden, wrote this. While I appreciate Iron Maiden's musical endeavors, I don't care if they make movies. I got this because, as will become more abundantly clear, I am interested by the supernatural and the occult, observationally only. Aleister Crowley is a gargantuan figure in that world. So, this movie piqued my curiosity. A film about Crowley could go several different avenues, I know that originally this was to be a period piece, but the budget to do that and pull it off couldn't be secured. They brought Crowley in to the modern world and when, and only when, Crowley, is on the screen, this movie is captivating. The actor playing Crowley, Simon Callow, delivers an amazingly staggering performance, fearless and uninhibited. Oscar Worthy. They demonstrate the perversity of Crowley well. Its a shame such a good performance is lost in such rudimentary story and convoluted narrative. The 40% really is just because of Simon Callow, everyone else couldn't act.

½ November 8, 2009
Neither great nor terrible. The acting in this movie i found pretty decent. The character of Crowley has always fascinated me. Somewhat hard to keep up with, but the conclusion made it worth watching to me.
½ July 12, 2009
Anyone and everyone associated with this travesty should hang their heads in shame. Poor Crowley, he might not have been great but he deserves hugely more than this idiotic smuttification of his legacy. Dire writing, leaden direction and heinious acting all combine to produce an utter stinker bereft of any cinematic competence whatsoever. 'Do what thou wilt?' Well they've done what they wilt and it's abject!!!
March 7, 2009
What garbage. A complete muddled mess, not very interesting. Twisted and poorly directed. It makes me wonder who actually thought this would be an interesting film.
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