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Cruel Intentions Quotes

  • Kathryn Merteuil: My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.
    Cecile Caldwell: But that would make me a slut, wouldn't it?
    Kathryn Merteuil: Cecile, everybody does it; it's just that nobody talks about it.
    Cecile Caldwell: So, it's like a secret society?
    Kathryn Merteuil: That's one way looking at it.
    Kathryn Merteuil: [under her breath] Fucking idiot...

  • Sebastian Valmont: It's not like you have a husband - unless you're married to Jesus.

  • Kathryn Merteuil: Unfortunately, our Don Juan is moving with the speed of a Special Olympics hurdler.

  • Kathryn Merteuil: Who are you spying on? That her?
    Sebastian Valmont: Yeah
    Kathryn Merteuil: Aww, she's crying. Little baby upset about the big bad book.
    Sebastian Valmont: Shut up!
    Kathryn Merteuil: What's up your ass?

  • Kathryn Merteuil: Can I take my new car for a ride?
    Sebastian Valmont: Kathryn, the only thing you'll be riding is me.

  • Sebastian Valmont: You spend all your time preaching about waiting for love. Well here it is. Right in front of you, and you're going to turn your back on it. So I guess we're just f*ucked. I'll move on. But you are going to have to live the rest of your life knowing that you've turned your back on love. And that makes you a hypocrite. Have a nice life.

  • Helen Rosemond: Sebaaaastian!
    Sebastian Valmont: [Under his breath] Aw fuck me. [Hugging Helen] Aunt Helen! God I've missed you!

  • Annette Hargrove: How can someone so charming be so manipulative?

  • Bunny Caldwell: Keep your legs together. This isn't Jamaica.

  • Greg McConnell: [Sebastian walks in on Blaine and Greg fooling around] Shit! Give me my fucking underwear!
    Blaine Tuttle: All right! Don't get so huffy!

  • Annette Hargrove: People shouldn't experience the act of love until they are in love.

  • Sebastian Valmont: She made me laugh.

  • Sebastian Valmont: [Cecile is wearing a shirt with a big koala bear on it] My, what an adorable shirt you're wearing!
    Cecile Caldwell: Thanks, my dad took me on a trip to Australia.
    Sebastian Valmont: And how are things down under? [looks up her skirt] Blossoming, I hope.

  • Sebastian Valmont: I read your manifesto.
    Annette Hargrove: You did?
    Sebastian Valmont: Yes. I must say, I found it rather... appalling.
    Annette Hargrove: That's a first. Most people praise me for it.
    Sebastian Valmont: Most people are sheep. Who are you to criticize something you've never experienced?
    Annette Hargrove: I wasn't criticizing. I just think people shouldn't experience the act of love until they are in love and I just don't think people our age are mature enough to experience those kinds of emotions.
    Sebastian Valmont: Are you a lesbian?
    Annette Hargrove: No...
    Sebastian Valmont: I didn't mean to offend you. I just picked up on a little bit of that lesbian vibe.

  • Cecile Caldwell: This sure doesn't taste like an iced tea.
    Sebastian Valmont: It's from Long Island.

  • Marci Greenbaum: [crying] He told me loved me, and I believed him.
    Dr. Greenbaum: Alright, just calm down. Take a deep breath, step out of the circle...
    Marci Greenbaum: Would you cut your psycho-babble bullshit, Mom. There's pictures of me on the internet.
    Dr. Greenbaum: What kind of pictures?
    Marci Greenbaum: Nude pictures, what do you think?
    Dr. Greenbaum: JESUS CHRIST! How could you be so stupid?
    Marci Greenbaum: He was just so charming, and kept saying how I had killer legs, and how he wanted to photograph them, and things just got completely out of hand.

  • Cecile Caldwell: He took down my pants and he started writing the alphabet but he was writing it with his tongue.

  • Sebastian Valmont: Sounds great... I love you too.
    Kathryn Merteuil: [mocking Sebastian] "I love you"? My God. You are completely pussy-whipped.
    Sebastian Valmont: Stop it.
    Kathryn Merteuil: What happened to us?
    Sebastian Valmont: Nothing's changed.
    Kathryn Merteuil: Yes it has. You're in love with her, you don't love me anymore.
    Sebastian Valmont: Come on, Kathryn, it's just a bet.
    Sebastian Valmont: [after being kissed by Kathryn and pushing her away] This is ridiculous.
    Kathryn Merteuil: What's ridiculous, dear brother, is you! Look at yourself, look at what you've been reduced to! Have you given any thought to what's going to happen when school starts? Not only are you dating Miss Seventeen Magazine, but she's also the new headmaster's daughter. Before you know it, you'll be giving campus tours with her. Oh, wait, her father doesn't know about your past, does he? I doubt he'd let his little princess be seen with the likes of you. Hmm... It's so disappointing to see Annette's manifesto was a total sham. Though, as student body president, I feel it's my sworn duty to tell him. [picks up the phone and starts dialing]
    Sebastian Valmont: Put the phone down.
    Kathryn Merteuil: Shh, this will only take a second.
    Kathryn Merteuil: [after Sebastian grabs the phone and slams it down] Hmm, quite the predicament you're in.
    Sebastian Valmont: I don't care what you say. The fact of the matter is that I was planning on telling her everything this afternoon.
    Kathryn Merteuil: Oh, that's right, I forgot, you're so in love. Do you honestly believe you've done a complete 180 in the few days you've known her? Well let me tell you something, people don't change overnight. You and I are two of a kind. At least I have the guts to admit it. You were going to leave school a legend, now you're going to leave a joke.
    Sebastian Valmont: Well, I'm willing to take my chances.
    Kathryn Merteuil: Don't do it, Sebastian. Not only will you ruin your reputation, you'll destroy hers.

  • Kathryn Merteuil: [to Sebastian] I'm the Marcia Fucking Brady of the Upper East Side and sometimes, I wanna kill myself. So there's your psycho analysis, Dr. Freud.

  • Kathryn Merteuil: I wanna fuck!

  • Sebastian Valmont: Who are you to criticize something you've never experienced?
    Annette Hargrove: I wasn't criticizing anything. It's just my belief that people shouldn't experience the act of love until they are in love. And I just don't think people our age are mature enough to experience such kind of emotion.
    Sebastian Valmont: Are you a lesbian?

  • Sebastian Valmont: So, what are you doing in your room?
    Annette Hargrove: Reading.
    Sebastian Valmont: Anything interesting?

  • Kathryn Merteuil: I don't fuck losers.

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