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July 2, 2017
The characters in the first movie were definitely better (except Amy Adams) but this story was much better,the story was the imitation from the first but it was an amazing sick story LOL ! :)
½ June 14, 2016
Ark! If in the second movie, where we can see the beginning of Sebastian and Kathryn, the principal characters were played by the same actors from the first one, the movie would have so much more impact. The new actors, even if I like them, didn't deliver. And the dialogs were bad.
Ouf... Si le 2, qui est en fait le début de Sebastian et Kathryn, était avec les mêmes acteurs principaux, ça aurait surement eu plus d'impact! Les acteurs, bien que je les aime bien, n'ont vraiment pas assuré! Et très mauvais dialogue!
February 15, 2016
I didn't think it was bad, ending was good. Better then the first one...
June 24, 2015
ok but un real ending
December 13, 2014
As a direct-to-video prequel to the 1999 original, most will go into watching this film with a lot of doubts. And while it does abandon a lot of the tone from the original to become more of an American Pie type of film, it gives a realistic setup to where we see Sebastian and Kathryn in Cruel Intentions. None of the actors are the same, but they aren't terrible. In fact, Amy Adams is quite impressive given the poor script. The only problem is that this version of Kathryn is openly evil and not as undercover about it. Robin Dunne, who plays Sebastian, gives us a more likable character, but provides nothing of the same charisma as Ryan Phillippe's portrayal of the original.

I compare this film to the straight-to-DVD American Pie: Band Camp. It's entertaining, but not the exact same. It's more aware of itself as a film, and at times feels like a Dawson's Creek episode--which it acknowledges once or twice.

Although many may not like the twist ending, I think that it concludes an interesting backstory as to how Sebastian got to be so wicked and conniving in the original film.

Cruel Intentions 2 steals a lot from the original, but also provides some more jokey dialogue and shock value--hence the American Pie type film. The jokes miss a lot of the time and are usually set up very blatantly.

The plot might move a little slow and it may be low budget, but it's not a complete waste of time if you're a fan of the original.

Twizard Rating: 59
February 4, 2014
Originally this film was supposed to be a tv show on Fox. However, Fox pulled the plug due to its risqué nature. So, they put the 1st 3 episodes together as this film. This film was almost a mediocre movie, but I had some issues with the editing & the ridiculous ending. Even though the 1st film was a mid-tier mediocre film its use of camp & dark comedy was a lot better placed. In this film every scene was campy & cynical.
The performances of Sarah Thompson & Robin Dunne were very good in a not so good film. Thompson is a good actress from TV's "7th Heaven", but why did she do this film? I actually thought the plot concept for this film was better than the original but was just poorly executed. Amy Adams's version of Katherine was over acted to the hilt.
In the middle of the film it actually progresses into a nice love affair between Dunne (Sebastian) & Thompson. But I am so not buying into the plot twist at the end. How could the nice innocent girl played by Thompson be part of one of Katherine's schemes to get back at Sebastian? Give me a break. She would not even be capable of it. Kumble is a cynical guy & the ending is too smart for itself. The film may be worth seeing for those strictly into dark comedies. If you see it kick back, drink some scotch, & watch an archaic Blue Blood world that unfortunately still exists. In general skip it & see the original. This film is essentially just a reproduction of the first film.
½ December 14, 2013
A mostly bland movie that builds to nothing. The drama and tension is non-existent. Mildly entertaining though. Features Amy Adams early in her career.
November 4, 2013
This takes place several years before Cruel Intentions, back to when Kathryn first meets Sebastian, their sexual attraction to each other and their enjoyment in destroying the lives of their peers.

stars Robin Dunne, Amy Adams, Mimi Rogers, Keri-Lynn Pratt, Sarah Thompson, Alicia Sorell and Annie Sorell.

directed by Roger Kumble.
Super Reviewer
November 3, 2013
Derivative and uninspired, Cruel Intentions 2 lacks the cleverness and stylistic vision of the original. This prequel follows Sebastian Valmont as he's corrupted by a life of privilege, and is drawn into the sexual games of his step-sister Kathryn. There's some interesting casting, including Amy Adams, Sarah Thompson, and Robin Dunne, but they don't have very good chemistry together. Additionally, the plot's more or less the same as the first film, though there are some new twists. Cruel Intentions 2 tries to be as sexually provocative as the original film, but comes off as cheap and tawdry.
March 10, 2013
Lame prequel. Not the worst dialogue but not that interesting an idea, certainly not against the first film in this series.
½ March 2, 2013
O.o boring overall the last part i mean ending was lil' a bit good
February 17, 2013
decent in beginning ...but ending
was plain stupid and didn't make sense....especially Sebastian...dude jacked up in the head
½ February 17, 2013
worst film known to man not even close to be as good as the first one
February 4, 2013
Pretty much the same as the first, not as good as well although it's interesting to watch Amy Adams as a villain
½ January 1, 2013
This sequel was unnecessary as simple as that.
½ December 27, 2012
If you thought the first film was good, the second one is not. The first film had a very mild amount of 'sexual' scenes in it. The second one has alot of 'sexual' scenes in it. The story is exacting the same as the first one and they just had to put more hot and steamy scenes in it to make it seem like a good sequel but it really was not. You do not need to see this film at all because if you've seen the first, thats all you need to see.
December 13, 2012
another good and sad one
½ December 7, 2012
Another example of a lame sequel.
½ October 8, 2012
Un buen preludio a lo que fue Juegos Sexuales, buena historia del director y escritor original. Lamentablemente el bajo presupuesto es notable tanto en la calidad de produccion como en los actores con la salvedad de Amy Adams que interpreta a Kathryn de exelente manera.
September 29, 2012
Intedned as a "Prequal" the movie almos tseems too much like the original- there's a B/Made for TV feel to it, but it's not completely bad, but not as good as the first
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