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April 5, 2002
Never degenerates into the 'You go, girl!' shtick that would plague an American production starring three females either careening into middle age or already hip-deep in it.
April 5, 2002
Worth falling for.
April 3, 2002
MacDowell, Staunton and Chancellor are terrific, tearing into their juicy roles and reveling in first-time feature writer-director Jim McKay's sharp-tongued dialogue.
March 25, 2002
This absorbing pic should be seen by all men who want to know what women say about them in their bull sessions.
March 15, 2002
... a welcome exploration of slightly older women and the events that make them tick.
March 8, 2002
Escapes the precious trappings of most romantic comedies, infusing into the story very real, complicated emotions.
February 14, 2002
Crush is so warm and fuzzy you might be able to forgive its mean-spirited second half.
February 1, 2002
What Crush lacks in substance and originality, it makes up for with sheer likability.
January 10, 2002
November 28, 2001
Despite minor flaws and some rose-tinting, Crush" is a funny, warm, and witty film.
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