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½ February 17, 2014
Another Movie from the Mill Creek Mean Guns 20 Pack. Although I have seen some bad movies in my day this will certainly rank up there and could be the worst western I have ever encountered. The directing is poor and so are allot of the camera angles that were shot that are just flat out annoying. Another trait of the bad movie that they choose to over abuse here is the silly diabolical laughter that has to be doled out at every and any chance two characters come in contact with each other....I mean jeez, just say your piece and end the scene. The basis of the movie is this band of bad acting desperadoes party with a group of indians and discover gold. Believing they know were there is a serious stash of the stuff wipe out everyone, (with plenty of diabolic laughter) and take a hostage. Another Indian later shows up and upset by what he sees decides he is going to settle the score and provide some sense of revenge for us the viewer who's only crime was sitting down to watch the movie in the first place.
This movie if you can find it for a buck is worth a look if you are like myself that has to watch any movie he can find for a dollar. If your not then this is not for you. 1 1/2 Stars 2-17-14
½ December 9, 2013
Friday, December 6, 2013

(1970) Cry Blood Apache

This is one of those movies where viewers can just watch a little from the beginning and then use the fast forward button while watching until the end and still be able to understand the entire movie which is exactly what I did. The movie starts out with Western actor veteran Joel McCrea coming back to a particular location to reflect on some past history. It regards when he was younger and much rowdier who was hanging around with a sadistic group of cutthroat outlaws who enjoy throwing their weight around by massacring tribes whenever they come across them. One of the young outlaws by the name of Pitcalin played by real life son Jody McCrea(trying some acting) is one of 5 uncivilized men who participated into massacring these two tribes. Now, while Pitcalin's cohorts were acting like savages, he start to build a rapport with his young female Native captive, vowing to protect her under any circumstances. And after kidnapping a young female Native American from massacring their second tribal stop, they didn't realize that their was still one that's still alive for he had just come back from a hunting trip. This Native American vows vengeance on his 5 attackers by tracking them by first focus on depriving them transportation by driving their horses away. And he vows to kill each one of them in an inhuman fashion, for the first one was shot with an arrow on his back before keeping him from drinking any water, while drowning the other outlaw. much of the film dwells on this particular Native American tacking these outlaws, while they're ironically trying to run away from him. There's also a link between the Native American dude who's pursuing them and the Native American girl the outlaws had kidnapped and it's not revealed until the near end for she can either be his wife or his sister. I thought the end was sucked because it felt convoluted.

August 24, 2009
Billed as a western, this is more of a 70's exploitation revenge flick. In this story, the band of awful, raping, greedy white folk have infiltrated an Apache tribe and want gold for themselves. Of course there's one in the band who just watches the atrocities and then decides to protect the girl - because why else - he's fallen for her. And as we progress she seemingly falls for him, but it's inexplicable why.
He brother begins stalking each one separately until the end where there's a big finale - one I can't buy for the life of me. The Apache woman makes a decision I simply cannot believe she'd make.

The dialogue is horrible, the acting just as bad and the editing is atrocious. There's also a lot of voice-overing that is really distracting. The music score goes from 70's thriller to love story in a blink of an eye. But the huge gaffe here is that these were Apaches, yet they spoke spanish. I googled and could not find any proof that they spoke any spanish even though they lived in Mexico to Arizona. Were they simply just---Mexican???
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January 18, 2009
it wasnt to bad for a movie the story was a bit simple the acting wasnt that bad but it wasnt a bad movie could have been alot worse
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