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½ October 21, 2012
Wow! The director of Karate Kid made this! Wow!
June 3, 2012
Superb Send-Up Of Gumshoe Sagas--An outragious, tightly directed humorous of the old murder mystery formula!!
Super Reviewer
December 22, 2010
A detective movie distributed by Troma can't just be a normal detective movie, this one's got crazy sex-obsessed characters, and the story involves a porn actress' murder. Very early 70s! It's funny in that soft core exploitation kinda way, and I enjoyed it.
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August 28, 2009
Fans of Rocky and The Karate Kid probably don't know this, but the Oscar-winning director responsible for both mainstream cocklewarmers was making some very weird sh*t in the early 70s. Before coming down with a terminal case of Good Taste, Avildsen had cranked out the superior sex comedy Guess What We Learned In School Today? (1969) and the classic Summer of Hate film Joe (1970), starring Peter Boyle as a blue collar hippie-killer, and Cry Uncle, a totally whacked-out and very black private-eye spoof marketed as a sex film since you couldn't do much else with its then porno-only X rating. Tubby Jewish comedian Allen Garfield (you'll recognize the face, guaranteed)plays the "Super Dick' hired by a millionaire suspect in a murder case. The investigation soon becomes a trail of dead bodies, including one Garfield has sex with, thinking she's a comatose junkie! Troma president Lloyd Kaufman was production assistant, as with all early Avildsen films from Joe onwards, and plays the bearded hippie on LSD in a motel room. A bad taste masterpiece, Troma later distributed the film, displaying a rare flash of good taste on their part!
July 16, 2009
An X-rated film by the ROCKY director! Whaaat! Once you get past that, it's an amazing, liberating comedy sleazefest. Allen Garfield gives the performance of a lifetime, brilliant in a role that few actors would touch. A "B" movie but a great one.
July 15, 2008
Det beste Troma noen gang har satt navnet sitt på. En sann klassiker.
½ January 9, 2008
An alright comedy from Troma studios.
November 28, 2007
Not as funny as the trailer made it seem. Curse you Troma! "Bull-twat"!
½ October 20, 2007
This movie does not have one boring second in it. It has lots of sex and drugs in it, plus some of the funniest dialog ever written. It's not for everyone, but hell... Who the f*ck is everyone and what do they know? This is a low budget masterpiece. It's also almost completely unknown, so to all you cult-movie fans, make sure to put this on your wanted list. And it's by the director of Rocky and The Karate Kid!!
January 21, 2007
wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!
February 9, 2006
Definately one of the funniest movies ever made!
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