Cry_Wolf Reviews

July 3, 2007
Cry Wolf is certainly an impressive calling card for its co-writer/director Jeff Wadlow, even if ultimately it is too derivative to qualify as something to howl about.
January 15, 2006
A fine attempt, and fine entertainment, but not one for the ages.
November 3, 2005
If you want something that asks you to think along with it to keep up with the characters and plot, Cry_Wolf's a good place to be.
October 7, 2005
Here's a little movie that should have thriller aficionados licking their chops.
October 1, 2005
September 19, 2005
A cut above the rest.
September 19, 2005
Not only is it kind-of-sort-of-almost good, but it's also arguably the best horror movie in theaters right now -- thanks to a decent script with a couple of great twists.
September 19, 2005
The movie consistently keeps us guessing, right up to its twisty, satisfying finish.
September 19, 2005
A clever teen thriller with intricate plotting, deft characterizations, sharp ensemble performances and a darkly ironic twist at the end.
September 18, 2005
A stylish, frequently charming throwback to a time when horror films were essentially psychological thrillers with a higher body count.
September 16, 2005
The upshot is a film that's enjoyably campy in a vein similar to Wes Craven's Cursed or ... Showgirls, yet succeeds at fulfilling the expectations of its genre.