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November 20, 2012
The cover looks terrible, but the film isn't. Don't let the ad reviews stop you from seeing this.
½ January 15, 2012
Abusaram de atrizes, bem, digamos, bunitinhas. E o sr. Terror passou foi longe...
½ March 9, 2011
A movie that belongs with its title.

An abysmal, poorly directed, and horribly edited 'horror'.

I didn't even finish it.
February 1, 2011
Not recommended. Not scary at all. Storyline sucks!
May 29, 2010
Good concept ruined by bad acting and presentation!
½ May 19, 2010
Wat een B-film! eigenlijk Z-film!
Zelfs ik kan beter een mummie schminken......
½ April 24, 2010
Guys, Don't even think about watching this one .. a complete waste of your time and money :(
½ April 19, 2010
A slightly above average low budget horror flick. This movie suffers from a lack of suspense and bad acting. Seeing ghosts in a crypt does not seem to shake the characters up much. The ending just drags the movie on longer than it needs to be. I liked the sets, and the flickering ghost effects and not much else.
April 8, 2010
i will give this movie a zero or maybe -2 stars

it's terrible
January 7, 2010
This movie is a new release, a straight to DVD indi horror flick....well that explains a lot, but this movie isn't that good, now it isn't BAD but it isn't great....some of the creatures are creepy at times, but after a while it just gets repetitive to see the same thing, some random creature standing there making weird faces & body movements....also the scares are all the same, so they get tedious after awhile as well.....some of the make-up/sfx are nice, and story idea is good, just wouldn't really recommend it to anyone
½ December 20, 2009
Esta bien para pasar el rato, logra su objetivo "Terror de bajo presupuesto".
½ December 5, 2009
Terrible special effects and the acting is not much better either.
November 19, 2009
Watched the first fifteen minutes. Will try again later when I have a bit more patience for bad editing.
½ November 16, 2009
The thing with downloading movies is you sometimes never know what you're going to get. The editing was horrible. The worst I've ever seen. Crap. Crap. Crap. At least the lead girl was cute... maybe it was because she took of her top like 10 minutes in. ;p
½ November 9, 2009
Can you say SUCKY!? Bad story line, terrible graphics, unrealistic, and random nudity.... I couldn't even bare to finish... Bleh~
½ November 8, 2009
'oh dear' and yet it could have been a 'huumm yeah!'
the big failing here was the "Six young criminals" - yes 5 girls and one guy dressed in tight short-shorts and low cut vests go into some catacombs... *sigh*

The plot seemed like one long anti-climax with no real resolve or finale like you would expect with a horror/thriller. I would say the love story in this was used too much hence the drifting scenes.

Now put the wardrobe failing behind the film has a subtle score and the lighting, cinematography and after effects for the 'ghosts'' are really good. There are some of the films crew that have alot of potential in the production of future films.
½ November 3, 2009
How many different ways can you shoot people crawling through dark sewers, dirt tunnels or water up to their neck looking for gold? All the scenes blur together which makes for a boring movie with no horror. Each woman is hotter than the next though.
October 23, 2009
oh my goodness!! rili a lame movie.. lame, lame, lame.. rili is low budget horror movie-da actors, da scene, da ghost or wateva u call them.. total waste of time
Matt S.
Super Reviewer
½ October 14, 2009
DULL, DULL, DULL!!! Definitely tries to be like The Descent but fails at it with bad acting, weak script and plot and was scareless and suspense free and the ghosts were way too silly looking that it made me roll my eyes everytime they appeared. The two lead girls were definitely hot and sexy but they had barely anything to work with and it had a bunch of silent moments with them not saying anything and the pace was very slow that it put me to sleep. This movie was promising but it was too ambitious for a budget this small and with no talent behind it and was pointless to be made. Overall avoid!
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